GUNNAR Optiks 3D Eyewear Receives Certification from RealD

GUNNAR and RealD to Provide Professional Grade 3D Eyewear to Consumers

SAN DIEGO – December 9, 2010 – GUNNAR Optiks®, the leading manufacturer of digital performance eyewear, today announced that it has received RealD certification for its line of optical-quality 3D lens and eyewear.  By fine-tuning the company’s patented i-AMP3D lens technology to meet RealD’s specification, GUNNAR ensures that movie aficionados can now experience what 3D professionals and 3D content creators have had access to since the beginning of the year – the highest quality 3D optics available in today’s marketplace.  Residents of NYC may personally view them on display at the WIRED Store this holiday season.

“At GUNNAR, we concentrate on being first-to-market,” said Joe Croft, GUNNAR’s co-founder.  “We were the first to offer an optically correct 3D lens, the first to introduce 3D premium eyewear in consumer electronics retail locations, and now we’re the first to offer professional grade 3D eyewear to consumers.  It’s exciting to see the tools used by professionals who work with 3D content on a daily basis finally making it to the marketplace and put in the hands of visually discerning consumers as well.”

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