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50% Bulldog, 50% Piranha, 100% Addictive – Mobfish Hunter Out Now on iOS and Android

Mobfish Hunter

Teach a man to fish (with dynamite), and feed his craving for explosive fishing action


MALAYSIA — April 3, 2014 — Appxplore today announced the launch of Mobfish Hunter, a free endless action-fishing game for iOS and Android. Rejuvenating the endless fishing subgenre with customizable explosive weapons and modern graphics, Mobfish Hunter is everything a real fishing trip wishes it could be: action-packed, fast-paced and 100% awesome. The game is the latest from the creators of the award-winning Lightopus (published by Bulkypix), 2013’s Apple-featured Sporos and Alien Hive, and most recently Caveboy Escape. Dive into Mobfish Hunter today, free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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Grenades in Your Tackle Box?! Mobfish Hunter Launching Soon on iOS and Android

Mobfish Hunter

Getting hooked on Appxplore’s fishing game is like shooting fish in a barrel

MALAYSIA — March 20, 2014 — Appxplore today announced Mobfish Hunter, an endless fishing-action game, will launch free on iOS and Android in two weeks on April 3rd, 2014. The game will have players hooked with customizable fishing lure weapons and stylish cartoon visuals. Mobfish Hunter comes from the studio behind the award-winning game Lightopus (published by Bulkypix), 2013’s Apple-featured puzzlers Sporos and Alien Hive, and the recent puzzler Caveboy Escape.
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Galaxy Factions Gets Galactic-sized Update

Galaxy Factions logoNew Version of Mobile Strategy Game Includes Revamped Hero System and Single-player ‘Survival Mode’

BEIJING – Feb. 11, 2014 – Faceroll Games and Chukong Technologies today announced a significant update to Galaxy Factions, the mobile strategy game that puts players in command of their own space base. Galaxy Factions originally launched on iOS in November 2013, and the update adds new features and rewards for the game’s dedicated player base. Continue reading

Warlords RTS Unveils Flash Version and Mobile Content Update, All Available for Free



At home or on the go, explore a new adventure with brand new levels

IRVINE, Calif. – Jan. 31, 2013 – Armor Games and Simos Games today released the Flash version of the mobile real-time strategy game Warlords RTS and revealed new in-game content, while making both versions free-to-play.

You can view the trailer here and begin your adventure for free by visiting the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Armor Games.

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Atypical Games Brings Mobile Combat Down to Earth with Battle Supremacy


Award-winning developer of Sky Gamblers series releases full war game with a focus on tanks.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – January 9, 2014 – Atypical Games, the Apple Design Award-winning creator of the airplane dogfighting series, Sky Gamblers, today released their next war title that sets a new bar for technology in mobile gaming; Battle Supremacy, is out now for iOS. The fully open-world tank battle game, complete with a console-quality interactive world, is now on the App Store for $4.99:

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Award-winning Strategy Game Pathogen Infects iOS


Screen 1        Screen 9

New boardgame-style strategy title was inspired by the way a virus spreads through the body, PC launch planned for later date

BOSTON – Nov. 7, 2013 – Gameblyr, an indie-focused video game publishing partner, today announced the launch of Birnam Wood Games’ Pathogen, a boardgame-style strategy title for iOS, with a PC launch planned for a later date. The award-winning game (Strasbourg European Film Festival Award Winner: Best Indie Game, MassDigI Game Challenge Award Winner: Best Online Game) challenges players to compete with computer-controlled or human opponents in a struggle to control a game map through strategically placing and upgrading cells, which spread across the map and can convert enemy cells.

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NinJump Rooftops Now Available on iTunes App Store

NinJump Rooftops banner

Series goes side-scroller in Backflip Studios’ latest NinJump game, which have been downloaded over 80 million times

BOULDER, Colo. – Oct. 31, 2013 – Backflip Studios today launched NinJump Rooftops, the latest in the acclaimed NinJump series, available now in the iTunes App Store! With side-scrolling endless runner gameplay, a fun double-jump mechanic and gorgeous 3D animation, NinJump Rooftops is a completely new reboot of the NinJump franchise. Downloaded over 80 million times collectively, the NinJump series is Backflip Studios’ most popular in terms of active players with over 20 million monthly active users per month. In Rooftops, the match-three enemy mechanic is back with bonus rewards for deftly slaying three of the same baddies consecutively. Plus, there’s a whole new arsenal of powerups to boost your horizontal rooftop run. Best of all, it’s free to play!

Download NinJump Rooftops today:

Dash over to the official trailer:

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The Pygmies of Pocket God Return to Fly and Die – Ooga Jump Launches on the App Store

Get Your Dose of Cathartic Pygmy Death Dealing Now!

Ooga Jump

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 31, 2013 - Have you heard the story about the Pygmy that could fly? Nope, you haven’t, because they all come crashing down eventually. Bolt Creative, creators of the beloved Pocket God franchise, have returned to the App Store today with Pocket God: Ooga Jump. An endless jumping game with a few morbid twists, Ooga Jump is available now for $0.99: Continue reading