Casual Gaming Mainstay Armor Games Releases Brand New IP with Puzzle Game Follow the Rabbit, Out Now for iOS

Intuitive controls and deceptively simple challenge provide over 125 brain-bending levels of puzzle solving fun

NEW YORK- July 19, 2012 –Today acclaimed casual publisher Armor Games and developer Gamaga are pleased to announce the launch of Follow the Rabbit, a brand new puzzle game for iOS. Simple swipe controls make it easy to slide and hop your way through levels, while colorful Retina Display graphics make this game perfect for all ages. But don’t be fooled by the cartoony look; the puzzles become increasingly complex, with each new room introducing unique obstacles and gameplay mechanics. Over 125 levels have three collectible coins apiece, so puzzle fans can enjoy hours of brain-bending adventure for a mere $0.99. Download Follow the Rabbit today , a universal app for all iOS devices.

Kermix, the game’s blocky red hero, notices his neighbor the bunny has dropped coins all over the place, and being a good neighbor, embarks on a quest to return them all. Players control Kermix by swiping the screen: little swipes to go left and right, big ones to dash multiple spaces, and up-swipes to jump. Some stages are very simple to complete, but the difficulty ramps up across the five huge rooms, and collecting all three coins while avoiding bats, canons, Cyclopes and blobs will not be easy! Some levels feature a Kermix clone who moves simultaneously. Others feature coins with a short time limit or battery of cannons criss-crossing the playfield. Each of the rooms have different settings, enemies and styles of play to keep the action fresh for hours of puzzling fun. Plus the bite-size gameplay is perfect for gaming on the go.

Follow the Rabbit features:

  • Massive Adventure – 125 levels across 5 unique rooms; collect coins to unlock them all
  • Simple touch controls – Just swipe across to move and swipe up to jump, very easy to learn
  • Use your noggin! – Multiple solutions to each level, with puzzles requiring both quick reflexes and careful planning
  • Tools of the Trade – Balloons lift you up, clouds float you across, and stones can give you a boost or knock out an enemy!
  • Baddies Galore – Cyclops are short-sighted(!), while blobs ooze around platforms and bats take flight
  • Clever Level Designs – Toggle platforms, fly across gaps and even reverse gravity!

Puzzle fans and causal players looking for a fun, addictive new fix can download Follow the Rabbit today for a mere $0.99!


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About Armor Games
Armor Games is the leading developer of casual Flash and iPhone games. Based in Irvine, California, the company was founded in 2005 by Daniel McNeely, and has developed and released such hit games as Crush the Castle, Kingdom Rush, Sonny, IndestructoTank!, Shift, and Upgrade Complete!

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About Gamaga
Founded in 2009, Gamaga is an indie game development studio founded by Rodrigo Contreras, devoted to creating top quality Flash and mobile games. They have developed such games as Bunny Flags, Battle Stance and Zombus.

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