Farming Simulator 2013: Over 2 Million Official Mods Already Downloaded by Players

PARIS – Nov. 27, 2012 – Released only one month ago, Farming Simulator 2013 on PC has enjoyed international success, by adapting  all the challenges and fun of agriculture and farming into a video game.

The popularity earned by Giants Software’s game allowed it to set a new record for mods downloaded through the official Mod Hub for Farming Simulator 2013. Over 2 million mods have already been downloaded through the Hub — directly accessible through the game’s menu — which offers a selection of the best mods. These mods, and the hundreds of unique mods that have already been created by players and shared through many fan sites, have given Farming Simulator 2013 a much longer lifespan and a constantly renewed gameplay experience.

Thanks to the development tools supplied with the game, players regularly create and share new content, including new vehicles, maps, equipment, buildings, as well as brand new environments, gameplay modifications… and even crazy things like flyable planes! Giants Software have joined the fun with their own mods: their “Lizard ATV” off-road quad is currently the most popular mod, with nearly 350,000 downloads! This off-road vehicle allows virtual farmers to quickly get around their immense farm, by using paths that would be inaccessible to regular farming vehicles.

2 million downloads: this is a huge number that does not include the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of downloads taking place on fan sites dedicated to modding Farming Simulator 2013!



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