Gamebrain™ Signs New Round of Game Development Partners


Workflow Solution Builds Momentum with Strategic Partnerships Including AppThwack, Bugsnag, and Babel Media 

SAN FRANCISCO – October 31, 2013 –  Today Gamebrain announced a series of new strategic partnerships to further build out its game development workflow platform, including AppThwack, Bugsnag, and Babel Media. The new round of deals follows Gamebrain’s initial signing of Kontagent, solidifying additional facets of game development support needed by small to mid-sized developers to succeed. Gamebrain’s workflow solution aims to offer the best game development tools in the industry on an affordable level, combining a central knowledge bank of resources and tools with manageable processes and milestones to keep projects on track.

“Gamebrain was built upon the premise that the inspiration to build a game can present itself in many ways, and when it comes to turning a great concept into a viable thing in the marketplace, developers are often paralyzed by a panoply of decisions to make,” explained Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Gamebrain. “Partnering with top-of-class game development tools such as AppThwack, Bugsnag, and Babel, reinforces our mission to provide indie developers a centralized environment with the essential tools and services they need, all without ascribing to a one-size-fits-all model in game development.”

“We’ve seen some amazing talent churn out incredible games using our solution, many of which are independent or small teams that end up stumbling along in other aspects of the development and business process,” said Conrad Irwin, Vice President of Engineering, Bugsnag. “I like what Gamebrain is doing to address this problem by bringing some coherency to the development research and implementation process. Developers will also undoubtedly appreciate having Bugsnag resources available to them alongside the other tools early on in Gamebrain’s workflow process.”

“The world has become dominated by smartphone and tablet devices, while at the same time making game development accessible to anyone with the talent, will and idea to execute,” stated Pawel Wojnarowicz, Co-Founder, AppThwack. “With thousands of devices out there for which to optimize your software, AppThwack will become an integral component of Gamebrain’s workflow, one that we’re proud to lead early on in the platform’s maturation.”

Babel Media’s CEO, Richard Leinfellner, further added, “Gamebrain will be an important element in ensuring that opportunities exist for indies to continue bringing their fantastic ideas to market, while lowering the barriers to entry by consolidating development resources. Great app quality with extended global consumer reach are critical things to consider early on in any development phase, and the inclusion of Babel’s QA & localization services into Gamebrain’s processes will ensure that the right partners are part of the consideration and just a few clicks away.”

AppThwack is a Portland, Oregon-based company offering automated mobile device testing tools and services for Android, iOS and mobile web developers, particularly in areas involving complex interactions between distributed devices.

Babel Media is the leading global provider of outsourced specialist services to the games and interactive entertainment industries, offering customers a complete outsourced testing and localization service for all Console, PC, Online, Handheld and Mobile content. The company was voted Best Outsourcing Company 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008 at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards.

Bugsnag’s real-time error-reporting platform helps developers cut costs and save time by catching errors as they happen. Bugsnag’s comprehensive yet flexible web, mobile, and desktop support (OS X), lets developers easily track and navigate exceptions from multiple projects all under a single dashboard.

Gamebrain is now accepting Closed Beta signups on its website at Applications for the first group of signees is currently being rolled out, with access to the Closed Beta anticipated to begin in November. Interested developers are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible for consideration in the early stages of the program.

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About Gamebrain

Gamebrain is a cloud-based development and publishing platform designed to address the challenges facing small and mid-sized game developers. Gamebrain consolidates various partners in all facets of game development, including game engine, art, animation, testing and market leading analytics, to offer developers a one-stop shop to take a project from ideation to monetization. Gamebrain is a subsidiary of mobile entertainment publisher Connect2Media, with offices in San Francisco, Manchester (UK) and Krakow (Poland). Gamebrain has received investment from leading venture capital funds Foresight Group and Enterprise Ventures.

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About AppThwack

AppThwack is a leading provider of cloud-based mobile testing solutions, focused on the needs of experienced mobile developers and QA teams in organizations like Symantec, Mozilla, and New Relic. By enabling rapid, automated testing on hundreds of real devices, AppThwack provides an integrated solution for Android, iOS and mobile web developers. AppThwack is proud to be headquartered in Portland, OR.

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About Babel Media

Babel is the leading global provider of outsourced specialist services to the games and interactive entertainment industries. Founded in 1999, the company is part of the renowned Quatrro Group of companies, pioneers in business transformation.

Babel’s award winning service provides highly cost effective quality assurance testing, text translation, English and localised audio recording and localised print for PC, Console, Mobile, Social and Casual titles. Babel is an approved Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo QA test partner, a registered developer of Apple, Android and QUALCOMM, as well as an official test house for Nokia and Java Verified.

Babel works with a wide range of clients’, including SCE, SEGA, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, THQ, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, Digital Chocolate, Gameloft, Nokia, BBC, Popcap, Netflix, Shazam, Square Enix, Atari, Namco Bandai, Activision-Blizzard, LucasArts, Konami, Bethesda Softworks, Webzen and Take 2.

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About Bugsnag

Bugsnag Inc. was founded by James Smith and Simon Maynard, and launched its public beta in September 2012. Headquartered in San Francisco, Bugsnag provides software development teams with an automated crash detection platform for their mobile and web applications. To date, Bugsnag has processed over 1 billion application crashes from thousands of top technology companies, including LinkedIn and Path.

For more information visit or follow on Twitter at @bugsnag.

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