Checkmate, Old Chess: Chess 2: The Sequel Launches January 21st, Only On OUYA

Chess2LogoLudeme Games’ Highly Anticipated Sequel to History’s Most Iconic Board Game Coming Soon

OUYA and Ludeme Games today announced that Chess 2: The Sequel will launch exclusively on OUYA Tuesday, January 21st. Chess 2 is the spiritual successor to the classic tabletop game; it combines the strengths of old chess with modern game design, and (empowered by the capacities of the OUYA platform) provides players with innovative new gameplay. The offline mode is free.

Chess 2 maintains the integrity of the game of chess, but provides a number of new mechanics in order to steer away from the rote memorization that has long dominated the game: there are now six armies to choose from, allowing for 21 possible matchups and making it nigh impossible to memorize an opening. This sequel also adds a double-blind bidding mechanic called dueling, which emphasizes adaptation and encourages players to try to read their opponent’s tendencies, and a “midline invasion” rule that spells a win for any player who advances their king past the middle of the board, effectively solving the issue of draws.

 Chess 2 features:

  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Five new armies to engage and master, including Nemesis (which gives pawns more freedom of movement), Reaper (in which the queen can teleport), and Two Kings (which provides the player with an extra King piece)
  • Online play with ranked matchmaking is available for purchase using the in-game currency, Crowns. Each game costs 8 Crowns; 120 Crowns can be purchased for $1.99.

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About Ludeme Games

Ludeme Games is an independent game studio founded by game craftsman Zac Burns. When they craft their games, they treat the player with respect. Because to them, games are not simply diversions but the path of intellectual development. Along the way, they wish to share their insight and success with others traversing this space in the Renaissance of gaming.

About OUYA

OUYA is a new kind of game console for the television that brings together an open development experience—where any creator can publish a game to the living room—with an accessible and affordable console at $99, with all games free to try. OUYA supports both the downloading and streaming of entertainment content in 1080p HD quality. Built on an open OS with a custom interface and store, OUYA focuses on the fun factor of games—games are organized by featured playlists and overall player engagement and not by revenue or downloads—enabling the most fun game experiences to shine. OUYA was envisioned by founder and CEO Julie Uhrman, and beautifully designed by award-winning designer Yves Behar.


To download assets for Chess 2: The Sequel, click here.

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