Smash Hit Shatters its Way onto iOS and Android Devices Today


Watch out for broken glass when entering the App Store and Google Play today!

MALMO, Sweden – March 6, 2014 – Mediocre, the independent mobile games studio behind the hit Sprinkle series and Granny Smith, today announced that their newest game, Smash Hit, has launched on iOS and Android. Featuring a brand new physics engine built from the ground up, Smash Hit brings players on a journey through an otherworldly dimension where all the glass is smashable! Smash Hit is out now for free the App Store and Google Play.

Get ready to break all the glass targets and obstacles in your way while taking a surreal, relaxing journey through space-time. Earning points by throwing metal marbles at glass, stacking combos, and missing as few objects as possible helps players travel further and further into each stage. Featuring the best glass destruction physics ever seen on mobile, Smash Hit sports beautiful graphics, music, and glass objects that move along to the beat!

Smash Hit features

  • Explore 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles. Smash Hit sports as much glass variety as diverse as a Tiffany lamp!
  • Hear environmental audio effects, including reverb, echoes, and other effects adapted to each area, adding a touch of sci-fact to the sci-fi world.
  • Experience musically synchronized gameplay with music changing not only to suit each stage, but also orchestrate glass object movement.
  • Enjoy randomized levels for increased replayability.
  • Take advantage of iCloud support for synchronized progress across multiple devices.
  • Sign into Game Center to climb the leaderboard, compare scores with friends, and earn achievements.

Check out the new launch trailer to see Smash Hit in action and download it today free on the App Store and Google Play.

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About Mediocre
Mediocre is an independent games studio based in Sweden that focuses on creating non-violent mobile games for broad audiences. Founded in 2011 by Dennis Gustafsson and Henrik Johansson, Mediocre is a proven mobile game developer with several hits under its belt. Mediocre’s brain-tingling puzzles have been downloaded over 20 million times.
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Media Contact

Erin Fan, TriplePoint for Mediocre
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