Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga Releases December 14

There’s even more to celebrate with a limited-time Yulidays event, an updated roadmap, and our Epic Games Store launch

FRISCO, Texas — December 2, 2021 — The worldwide hit, Tribes of Midgard, will launch Season 2: Serpent Saga as a free update on December 14, Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing announced today. Season 2 adds a boatload of content for players, including a new Season Track, Saga Boss, Open Seas biome, weapons and armor, five new Runes that bring the game’s total 40 Runes, Boats, Swimming, and various quality-of-life improvements alongside a festive three-week Yuliday event. Moreover, the team is thrilled to announce the Tribes of Midgard community is now one million Vikings strong!

The standard edition of Tribes of Midgard is available on the PlayStation Store, Steam, and, as of December 14, the Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD, or the Deluxe Edition, featuring platform-exclusive armor, weapons and pets, for $29.98 USD on Steam and $29.99 USD on the Epic Game Store and the PlayStation Store. Both versions include Season 1 and Season 2 content, as well as all future Seasonal content. Players on Steam and Epic Games Store can enable crossplay by syncing their accounts.

“Our goal has always been to build Tribes of Midgard into the ultimate Viking Sandbox, and Season 2 seamlessly continues that journey for the one million Vikings who are already members of our Tribe!” said Julian Maroda, CEO and Creative Director of Norsfell. “This new season radically changes the world, allowing players to swim (literally!) through our ever-growing Norse sandbox, setting sail on new horizons, and fighting waves of new enemies as they enjoy a boatload of QoL improvements. We’re delivering a true expansion in every sense that was built from the ground up to expand upon every facet of the original content, giving players new tools regardless of which Saga Quest they’re on.”

Serpent Saga
Grab your weapons and craft some Boat Kits, because starting in Serpent Saga, Vikings can explore new horizons of Midgard with the addition of Boats and Swimming. Boats and Swimming are all fun and games, but make sure you don’t get too distracted, as you have another Saga Boss to contend with before Fimbulwinter. Players must race against the oncoming winter to find and unlock the island lair of a mysterious new Boss. But fear not, Wolf-fans – Fenrir still awaits those brave enough to choose to attempt to take down both Saga Bosses in the same session.

Season 2: Serpent Saga Key Features:

  • A New Saga Boss – Just like the fearsome Fenrir from Season 1, you will now have another mysterious but powerful beast of myth to tackle before Fimbulwinter. Take to the seas to find and unlock its Lair, and defeat the beast to stop Ragnarök.
  • Shipyard – Your Shipyard, located right outside your village on an Ash Beach biome, will need to be rebuilt just like the Quarry, Farm, and Lumberyard. Once rebuilt, you can use resources to craft Boat kits and take to the seas! Smaller boats are flimsier, but are more nimble and require less materials. Larger boats unlocked by leveling up your Shipyard can hold more players, travel faster, and have more HP, but cost more resources. With different tiers of boats, players can choose the right boat for their playstyle.
  • Boats – Vikings can now sail the seven seas by building and constructing Boats crafted in the Shipyard. Boats can be placed and built through your Construction Inventory, but only in the Open Seas off a coastline, shore or cliff – not in rivers or ponds.
  • Swimming – For shorter trips, or on the off chance your ship takes a turn for the worst, Vikings can now swim! While a quick lap or trip back to an accessible shoreline or Boat ladder is fine, swimming is limited by your Viking’s Stamina gauge – so make sure you’re back on your boat or dry land when that bar hits zero, or you’ll start taking damage until the water claims you.
  • Exploration – Explore the Open Seas and access uncharted islands off the shores of Midgard to find Merchants and new Beacon Camps filled with turrets and brand new enemies! The expanded map allows you to discover new lands full of resources, enemies, and loot. However, there is also a greater challenge, as you will have to traverse this expanded world to unlock and defeat the Saga Boss before Fimbulwinter.

Holiday Events
From December 14 – January 3, players can take part in the seasonal Yulidays event. For three weeks, players can unlock cosmetics, a pet, and other festive goodies as a part of three limited-time Festive Challenges, along with a thematic village and main menu. Make sure to log in every week to unlock all the Yuliday drops – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

More to come
Alongside the announcement of Season 2, Norsfell also released an updated roadmap for Tribes of Midgard, slating a new Saga-Boss variant, Fishing, Farming, Mounts, Housing, and a bunch more for 2022 and beyond. You can see the updated roadmap on the Tribes of Midgard website. Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing also announced that Tribes of Midgard has reached one million Vikings across all platforms.

Tribes of Midgard is Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing’s take on Vikings in a Diablo meets Don’t Starve blend of action, survival, and roguelite elements. Experience a bright and colorful world to explore by land and sea, where you can gather loot, slash through enemies while playing solo or with friends. Your tribe’s might will be tested in two different game modes: a session-based Saga Mode and an endless Survival Mode. A variety of objectives, enemies and areas of exploration offers endlessly-replayable gameplay and fun.

More details regarding Season 2 will be shared throughout the next two weeks, so make sure to visit and follow us on Twitter


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