Get a Sneak Peek of Three New Locations in the Upcoming Expansion

Manhattan Beach, CA — March 28, 2024 — Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss, creators of the world-renowned Black Desert MMORPG franchise, unveiled a sneak peek of the upcoming new expansion, Land of the Morning Light: Seoul, from a Developer Commentary video today.

Pearl Abyss’ developers released a 20-minute video focused on several topics including the new expansion, new spring outfits, the addition of new playable instruments, an enhanced audio soundtrack, and more. As a surprise at the end of the video, Jesse Joo, head of Black Desert game design at Pearl Abyss, unveiled three new screenshots of Land of the Morning Light: Seoul and discussed the content in the new region. 

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New Land of the Morning Light: Seoul Locations Revealed

After revealing locations ‘Gwanghwamun’ and ‘Gyeonghoeru’ at the last Calpheon Ball, the developers showed three new locations of the upcoming expansion. First was the ‘Royal Investigation Bureau’, which is a judicial and security office directly under the king. Behind the Royal Investigation Bureau, players can view the giant East Watchtower and Mount Ahshi, which provides context for the sheer scale one can expect in Land of the Morning Light: Seoul.

Another new region, loosely translated to ‘Flower Sunken Swamp’, was revealed. The large-scale landscape, filled with vibrant flowers and a mysterious fog, is located in the northwest of Hwanghae Province, within The Land of the Morning Light. The colorful background is beautiful, yet at the same time, several mysterious stories take place in the region including the Tale of Two Sisters, Janghwa and Hongryeon, introduced at the last Calpheon Ball. In all, eight new tales will be told in the upcoming sequel.

The third location, ‘Castle Ruins’, captures the mood of an abandoned, razed castle. The site, grand in scale and the hometown of the Tamer class, was reduced to ruins during the war in The Land of Morning Light. Using the motif of the ‘Goguryeo’ mountain fortress, it will be the site where players will battle with a boss known as ‘Bulgasal’.

The developers went into great detail on several other subjects, the details of which players can find on the Black Desert website and YouTube.

Pearl Abyss continues to push the boundaries of MMORPG experiences and foster its global gaming communities. For more information about these exciting updates, please check the official Black Desert Online website. To stay up to date with the latest happenings in Black Desert, follow the game on Facebook, X and YouTube.


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