Join the ‘Black Pearl Return’ Campaign To Earn a 100% Return in Black Pearls and Continue Playing Without Missing a Beat

Manhattan Beach, CA — April 2, 2024 Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss kicked off one of Black Desert Mobile’s biggest events of 2024 today, launching the Black Pearl Return Campaign to welcome players back to the game with heaps of rewards. From Tuesday, April 2, to Tuesday, April 30, lapsed Adventurers can join the new Oasis server to create a fresh character on equal footing with other players and earn a 100% return in Black Pearls. This update also ushers in a new season with boosted experience, server-wide quality-of-life improvements, and community events.

  • Watch the Black Pearl Return Campaign trailer here
  • Download the key art, video, and event banner assets here

Fresh Servers, Fresh Season, & Fresh Rewards

Black Desert Mobile kicks off the Campaign with a new season, in which Adventurers can level up five times faster to 35,000 combat power and acquire rewards to improve their abilities. Returning Adventurers on the Oasis server can start a new character on par with their previous character, regardless of their former combat power. They’ll also be rewarded with a 100% return in Black Pearls, equivalent to the amount paid to date.

Quality-of-Life Updates Unleashed Across New and Existing Servers

Adventurers also can expect Black Desert Mobile updates for existing servers.

  • Shadow Gear Upgrade: Players can now use Shadow Gear, which can be safely upgraded without failing, to achieve higher enhancement levels of +9.
  • New Crafting Recipe: With this New Crafting Recipe, players can effortlessly create a “+7 Rift Totem Chest”, eliminating the need for incremental enhancement from +0. Players who already possess high-level totems can use 20,000 crystallized totems to create a +7 totem instantly to challenge higher-grade enhancements.
  • On Existing Servers, Receive Okiara’s Blessing: All Adventurers will receive two Okiara’s Blessing protective charms, ensuring a stable level of enhancement. 

April Showers the Black Desert Mobile Community with Events

From April Fool’s festivities to item giveaways, April is chock-full of community events for all Adventurers:

  • April Fool’s Day Community Event
    • Event Period: Monday, April 1 ~ Monday, April 15
    • Details:  Players must count the Papus and Crios in the image and submit their total. Winners will receive 30x Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chests through random selection.
  • Gleam Giveaway Event for Black Pearl Return + Terrmian Episode 2
    • Event Period: Tuesday, April 9 ~ Tuesday, April 30
    • Details: Players can participate for a chance to win various in-game items including 1,000 Black Pearls, 10 Twisted Time, 200 Shadow Knot and more.
  • New/Returning “Special Title Events”
    • Event Period: Tuesday, April 2 ~ Tuesday, April 23
    • Details: Players can join a special Title Giveaway Event for new and existing servers. Engage in three events to earn all current special titles and a unique one for the new server.
  • Receive the Top 3 Items From the “What Items Are Essential for New Servers or New Characters” Survey
    • Event Period: Tuesday, April 23 ~ Tuesday, April 30
    • Details: Players can share their thoughts on essential items for starting a new adventure, vote for their favorites, and win the top three based on the most popular choices.
  • Vote for the In-Game Event You’d Like To Participate in Again or for the First Time
    • Event Period: Tuesday, April 2 ~ Tuesday, April 9
    • Details: Players can select their favorite in-game event and write it in the comment section along with the reason why they chose that event.The most popular in-game event chosen will be selected.

For more on the Black Pearl Return Campaign, visit the landing page here.

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