Send in the Elephants and Flame Towers to Boost Your Guild’s Honor and Enjoy Better Ping Rate With New Centralized US Servers

Manhattan Beach, CA — May 22, 2024 — Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer and publisher of the world-renowned MMORPG Black Desert Online, launched the newly streamlined ‘Node Wars’ today, a large-scale PvP update for a broad spectrum of players. The new Node Wars reimagines the PvP mode by introducing new systems and UI, which not only lowers the barrier of entry but also allows players to focus better on combat, revamping the battle dynamic entirely.

Guilds can apply for Node Wars starting Sunday, May 26. Each battle will be held for one hour from 6-7 pm PDT every day from Sunday to Friday.

Also, in an effort to better serve the majority of its players, Pearl Abyss today moved its primary North American servers from the West Coast to the Central United States. In the US, the majority of players are located on the East Coast (see log-in map for reference), and moving the servers will provide a more stable, average latency. See full update here.

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  • Download the Node Wars Walkthrough and key art here

Hold the Fort, Win the War

A Node War is won when a guild occupies and defends a fort until it reaches the set ‘end time’ between 10-60 minutes. The game automatically generates fewer forts than guilds, creating tense competition to fight for each one. There are five tiers of forts, but the highly coveted ‘Question Mark’ forts, whose end time is unknown and are tougher to defend, provide greater rewards than other forts.

Guild and alliance sizes range from 30, 50, to 75 players per guild including respective gear caps of 550 (Tuvala gear), 685, or no limit at all. The new system randomly picks a territory, Balenos or Serendia (30 max players per guild), Mediah or Valencia (50 max players per guild), or Calpheon or Kamasylvia (75 max players per guild), providing higher competition than the older format.

Heavy Fire Power and Resurrection With Mounts!

The preparation process for installing strategic auxiliary buildings has been simplified. The buildings, vehicles, and siege weapons – including flame towers, Hwacha, cannons, and elephant nurseries – can now be purchased from the Guild Military Supply Manager in each town. This can be done by any guild member regardless of position.

Resurrection is also streamlined and improved. When a player dies during battle, they can now select a town in which to resurrect and quickly rejoin the battlefield. If they die with their mount (horse), it resurrects with them! “Outposts” such as the “Indomitable Flag” and the “Guild Galley Ship” open up unique resurrection tactics, enabling players different locations in which to reappear, instead of the nearest town.

High Rewards: Buffs, Silver, Gold Bars, and More

Node War rewards have expanded. In addition to receiving tax income from the territory where the occupied fort is located, guilds can receive special buffs or guild funds (in-game currency). When players win in a territory group that includes Calpheon or Kamasylvia, they increase the chance of obtaining items in that area by up to 20% for a week. And players also will receive ‘personal rewards’, such as Gold Bars and other powerful items.

Node Wars exemplifies Pearl Abyss’ desire to push the boundaries of MMORPG experiences and foster its global gaming communities with new and exciting content while also revamping existing content. These, and many more high-level Node Wars details, are available on the Black Desert Online website. To stay up to date with the latest happenings in Black Desert, follow the game on Facebook, Twitter/X, and YouTube.

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