Fun Dog Studios Unleashes a Chilling Gameplay Reveal of “The Forever Winter” at IGN Live 

The Forever Winter Closed Beta Access is coming soon

Eager scavs can look forward to The Forever Winter’s Closed Beta release soon. Wishlist on Steam today. Check out the gameplay trailer here.

In The Forever Winter, players are a scavenging survivor, leading a community of like-minded individuals who only want to be left alone. Unfortunately, AI controlled factions like Europa and Eurasia control all of the world’s existing resources, and are at constant war with each other to secure more. This means the player must navigate these battlefields to collect the needed resources for their communities to survive. 

The Forever Winter isn’t about being the biggest or the strongest; it’s about outsmarting your enemies and making the most of every resource you find. Survival is your greatest achievement, because there are only three types of scavs: the fast, the smart, and the dead,” said Miles Williams, CEO and Creative Director of Fun Dog Studios. “I can’t wait for folks to get their hands on it, starting with Early Access very soon. But getting the game out is just the beginning. We look forward to working closely with our community to refine and expand the game for as long as there’s love for dark futures.”

The Forever Winter features include:

  • Prepare for Hell: Players join up at the community hub where they can buy from vendors selling weapons, pharmaceuticals, and additional gear to prepare for the maze ahead, accept missions or dirty jobs from NPCs and rival factions and more. 
  • PvEvE Scenario System: Enemies have their own goals and agendas, operating in coordinated groups, and undertaking full-scale battles. Enemy AI deploys enemies in squads based on their current objectives, with each squad reacting differently to player actions. As the player gets more powerful or makes a bigger mark on the battlefield, the enemy will deploy more (and stronger) firepower to counter. And players will never be stronger than the enemy.
  • Brace the Cold Challenges Ahead: While surviving is always the primary goal, players can earn more XP, gear and money by taking on quests. Each quest has varying threat levels commensurate with their risk and reward: harder quests give larger reputation rewards that increase your faction standings, earn more credits, and get rewarded with more powerful gear. 
  • Increase Skills and Gear Up to Survive: Spend accumulated resources between sessions to level up health, speed, accuracy and reload speed that give you a fighting chance against The Forever Winter’s relentless enemies. 
  • Prioritize Stealth and Teamwork: Coordinate with your squad to outsmart enemies and avoid detection to gain the upper hand, or tactically plan battles and ambushes to win guerilla engagements. Just don’t take the enemy head-on. You won’t live to tell the tale. 
  • Death is Just the Beginning (Again): If your squad dies, the run’s over. And death is unforgiving. If you fall in battle, you’ll lose everything in your inventory for that session, and have to start over from scratch. Build up a stash back at base between sessions to keep the upper hand in the future. 

The Forever Winter will initially be released on PC with potential platform expansion based on the game’s success and community feedback. For more updates on The Forever Winter and to view the trailer, visit Wishlist The Forever Winter on Steam today, and join the Discord to get all the latest updates.

Fun Dog is a minority-owned new game development studio, established by a group of experienced AAA game developers with backgrounds as senior leaders in some of the best games published over the last 10 years. Committed to defying convention, challenging players, and taking big risks, their goal is to build worlds that captivate, terrify, and inspire with stories that contemplate the turbulence of the current times.

The company’s debut title, The Forever Winter, drops players in a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world dominated by gigantic war machines battling over Earth’s dwindling resources. This tactical shooter weaves together survival, horror, scavenging, and edge-of-your-seat combat, emphasizing strategic decision-making and challenge.

For more updates on The Forever Winter, visit Wishlist The Forever Winter on Steam today and join the Discord to get all the latest updates. 


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