EVE Vanguard’s Warclones Descend into a Hostile Jungle with ‘Solstice,’ — Major New Live Event Available Until July 1

In-development FPS’ largest update yet introduces a tropical map, adaptive weaponry, and more. Chance to claim seven days of free access ends today

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – June 20, 2024 – Today, CCP Games released “Solstice,” a limited-time event for EVE Vanguard, the sci-fi sandbox FPS set in the EVE Universe currently in early development at CCP’s London studio. Solstice is the largest live event for EVE Vanguard to date, introducing major improvements, systemic enhancements, and additional content that expands gameplay variety. Solstice runs from now until 12:00 UTC / 08:00 EDT on July 1, 2024, and is free to access for all EVE Online Omega account holders. Anyone can join the Vanguard, simply create a free EVE Online account and claim seven days of free Omega access via the in-game New Eden Store before the offer ends at 00:00 UTC / 20:00 EDT today. Players wishing to continue the fight after their seven-day free trial can purchase the Warclone Omega bundle for $9.99 USD.

Check out the latest ‘In Focus’ video to see all the gameplay features that await New Eden’s warclones in EVE Vanguard: Solstice here: Vanguard in Focus | Solstice – YouTube.

EVE Vanguard: Solstice introduces the following new features and gameplay content:

  • Exotic Archipelago Map: For the first time in the EVE Universe, players can fight their way across a tropical environment, traversing a jungle filled with dangerously beautiful alien flora and polluted waters. Added verticality and close-quarter combat bring a fresh, distinctive gameplay experience for both new and returning players.
  • Adaptive Weaponry System: Modify a weapon’s behavior or stats through a suite of unique chipset configurations that can be mixed and matched to create two distinct modes. Players can switch between these profiles on the fly in the heat of combat, allowing for adaptable tactics. Weapon modifications are highly and freely customizable, enabling players to fine-tune their preferred weapon versions. Chipsets found and extracted from the planet’s surface can be re-equipped and brought into their next deployment, encouraging experimentation and mastery.
  • New Industry-Focused Activities: Hack into huge vaults while fighting off waves of enemy reinforcements in “Secured Salvage Sites,” call down a giant mining vehicle from orbit in “Mining Rights,” and hunt down valuable salvage in “Escape Pods,” in new industry-focused gameplay. Each new activity presents various emergent challenges to overcome, rewarding only the most versatile players.
  • New Gadgets and Tools: Newly introduced proximity mines, a motion scanner, and more gadgets will help players complete objectives and contracts, deepening the planetside experience. 
  • Weapon SKINS: New weapon SKINs provide a powerful Minmatar look for the default weapon, inspired by Vanguard’s predecessor shooter, DUST 514, as well as special SKINs for participants of previous events, themed around the ongoing struggle between corruption and suppression in New Eden.

Further details about the Solstice event can be found here: Massive update to EVE Vanguard

“Since December of 2023, Vanguard warclones have been participating in human-scale combat on the planet surfaces of New Eden during monthly playtests,” said Snorri Árnason, EVE Online + EVE Vanguard Game Director.Solstice marks the final public event in EVE Vanguard for a while, and we encourage all players who want to contribute to its development to participate. EVE Vanguard is still in early development, so these playtests and events are instrumental in shaping its future and play a huge role in ensuring that we create a game our community will love.”

For the next phase of EVE Vanguard’s development, EVE Vanguard Founders’ members will have the chance to continue playing the gamein private playtests and help shape the future of ground combat in New Eden. Throughout Solstice and beyond, players can join the EVE Vanguard Founders’ community on Discord, where they will have direct access to developers, get a first look at concepts and prototypes, and make their mark in the ongoing development process. CCP Games looks forward to announcing further public events and playtests in the future.

EVE Vanguard: Solstice launches as part of EVE Online’s “Equinoxexpansion, bringing fresh conflicts into New Eden. Vanguard who descend into the hostile jungle can spot a colossal Upwell Consortium orbital skyhook looming overhead, reminding players of the epic machinations spreading across nullsec space. Power shifts in New Eden have far-reaching consequences for both EVE Online capsuleers and Vanguard warclones, making players part of a much grander and ever-evolving cosmic story.

To learn more about EVE Vanguard: Solstice, visit eveonline.com/now/vanguard-solstice. Assets for EVE Vanguard: Solstice can be found in the press kit.

Discover more about EVE Vanguard by visiting vanguard.eveonline.com. For the latest happenings in and outside New Eden, visit EVE News. Download the free EVE launcher here: eveonline.com/download.

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