PapayaMobile Surpasses 50 Million Users and Releases Social Splash for Facebook and Google+ Developers

SAN FRANCISCO – February 29, 2012 – PapayaMobile (, the leading social gaming network on Android and iOS, has blown past 50 million users as the company continues its aggressive growth strategy. In the last nine months since Papaya ceased publishing its own games, PapayaMobile has seen over 260 percent growth due to tremendous demand from third-party mobile developers looking to integrate social features and virtual currency found in their SDK and Game Engine. Today, the company continues to put developers first with the launch of their latest development tool called “Social Splash.”

This product will allow any Facebook or Google+ developer to port their Flash or HTML5 game into a fully functioning Android app without having to learn a new coding language. Essentially, Social Splash is a wrapper for HTML5 and Flash games which uses the Android Flash plugin and the latest web kit engine to render the game. The compilation is done entirely in the cloud and developers will not need to install anything on their machine and/or know anything about Android to use it. For games using Adobe Air, Papaya is also developing a native extension to help connect all the social features.

Games converted using Social Splash will be able to incorporate all of Papaya’s social features via a simple JavaScrpt API including newsfeeds, notifications, leaderboards, achievements, friend lists, avatars, check in, private messaging, and more. Additionally, developers can add monetization channels to their games using Papaya’s virtual currency and billing system to start generating revenue the moment it launches on the Android Market.

“This tool is for every developer that has felt abandoned by Flash and crowded out by Zynga,” said Si Shen, CEO and Co-Founder of PapayaMobile. “We believe in helping HTML5 and Flash developers make the transition to mobile a seamless experience. Not only does this new tool decrease development time, but it also allows developers to launch their entire games catalog onto mobile without having to learn a new coding language.”

Check out Running Panda or Cage Match, both created using Social Splash, to see what this technology can bring to developers. Social Splash is available for download today for free at

About PapayaMobile
Founded in 2008 by CEO Si Shen and CTO Qian Wenjie, PapayaMobile provides both tools for game developers and content for players on its growing social mobile network of over 50 million users worldwide.  With headquarters in Beijing and offices in San Francisco and London, PapayaMobile offers developers a fast and easy way to reach millions of users across the globe and improve their return on investment for Android game development.  Players can participate in high quality social mobile gaming experiences with rich community interaction across Papaya’s rapidly growing network of hosted games.
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