Blurtt Launches on iOS Devices – What Do You Want to Say?





New App Adds Images to Messages to Help Users Better Express Themselves

NEW YORK – March 21, 2012 – Blurtt, an iOS app allowing people to quickly and easily add images to their messages, has today launched in the App Store. Blurtt is a simple and unique communication tool that helps users create more meaningful and memorable messages. From one simple app and in less than one minute, users can now search the web for an image, add text, and share with friends through text, email, Twitter and Facebook.

“The goal of Blurtt is to help people express themselves better in today’s digital world,” said Jeanette Cajide, founder of Blurtt. “Instead of toneless texts or emoticon-filled status updates, Blurtt lets users combine images and text through a very simple and quick process to create memorable content that communicates experiences, moods, and thoughts.”

Users can create and share a blurtt with just a few easy steps. First, a user either searches the web for an image or chooses an image from their camera roll.  Next, 100 characters or less of text is added to the image. Finally, a user can quickly edit the placement, size, and font of the text before sharing the blurtt via their social networks, email or text. Other features include the ability to send anonymous blurtts, the ability to modify other people’s blurtts to create unique expressions and a preview gallery of other blurtts that have been created.

Blurtt is much more than a status updating, photo sharing, or meme generating tool. Blurtt is a new way to communicate that will help users break through the digital clutter to get their point across more clearly with a powerful image.

Cajide said, “Blurtt cuts straight to the point about what we are really trying to say. We live in a visual society yet are expected to mostly communicate in a digital world. How we relate to one another comes down to the words we choose. Our goal is to make it easy to relay tone and meaning by adding imagery to the words we use.”

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About Blurtt

Blurtt is a fast and simple way for iPhone users to communicate meaningful and memorable messages. By combining images and text, a blurtt communicates more clearly in a digital world of text-only status updates and emoticon-filled text messages.


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