Gamersgate’s Ad-Supported Free Gaming Service, VOID, Set To Launch on May 28th

Ad inventory is sold out before launch

STOCKHOLM – May 22, 2012 – GamersGate is set to officially launch its ad-supported free gaming service VOID on May 28, 2012. Over the past year, GamersGate has been working on the service, which will run parallel to the digital retailer’s usual business. After a long period of testing, VOID – the first ad-supported free gaming service of its kind – will be released in Scandinavia, the United States and Canada followed shortly by a UK launch.

IWAG, the media partner handling ad space sales in Scandinavia, has successfully sold out the entire inventory through July. “The ad inventory has been sold out for a few weeks and naturally we’re thrilled. It shows the power and interest in the format. We’re constantly looking at ways to further separate GamersGate from the competition and VOID is clearly a massive market differentiator,” says Theodore Bergquist, CEO and majority owner of GamersGate.

In the testing period, many brands tried out the service, including several represented by 360 Solutions, a media buying company that represents several large brands. “We’ve been waiting for a service that brings the successful business concept of Spotify into the gaming industry. The business model is great, the target audience is high in demand and the advertising possibilities are infinite. This (men age 20-45) audience is hard to reach in traditional media and VOID gives us the opportunity to do so,” says Andrei Zidaric, CEO at 360 Solutions. “The tests we have run have surpassed all expectations. The results from the beta testing have been astounding.”

VOIDs various advertising formats are a mix of modern interactive advertisements and newly developed video formats, fitting advertisers who normally buy TV ad space. For more information, please visit

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