dealBoard Announces Groundbreaking Performance Stats

nFluence outperforms daily deal leader Groupon with its app dealBoard

SEATTLE & LONDON – August 15, 2012 –nFluence Media, a Seattle and London leader in consumer driven preference technology, is pleased to reveal some noteworthy performance stats for its smartphone app dealBoard. dealBoard is a daily deal aggregator that offers its users a personalized selection of daily deals from all of the top deal sites.

Despite nFluence choosing not to use push notifications, email or SMS follow up, figures show that, once downloaded, dealBoard is used more than twice as much as  rival deal aggregation apps such as Groupon. More interestingly, and thanks to nFluence’s unique consumer driven preference technology, which matches deals to the user’s interest, dealBoard generates over 25 times as many leads per user to its affiliate partners’ deal sites in the same time period. nFluence attributes this to putting the consumer back in control of the information they are providing and receiving.

Since its launch in March 2012, dealBoard has peaked at a position of no.13 in the lifestyle category of the App Store, and currently has an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars, surpassing many of the industry’s leading daily deal providers. An independent study by Ctrl-Shift has recently proven the effectiveness of the dealBoard technology by ranking it above the big digital marketing tech players such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. nFluence can now also report on some impressive figures that detail its users’ interaction within dealBoard. Consumers, on each use of the app, are voluntarily giving an average of 12.6 new pieces of data by voting their opinion on deals within the app. This is in stark contrast to the general perception within the digital marketing industry that consumers will not interact with their profiles and voluntarily give more data.

The anonymous profiles generated by dealBoard, called Advertars, are breaking records too, with tests showing that each profile has an average accuracy rating of 85%. Advertars contain over 670 demographic and interest characteristics, which is currently way beyond any other technology solution in the market. These profiles are generated within an average of 26 seconds thanks to the game-like, question free user interface of the Brand Sorter, where users simply swipe their finger to sort a short list of brands that they like or dislike.

Henry Lawson, nFluence CEO, commented, “We are absolutely delighted with the early results we are seeing coming out of dealBoard.  Contrary to current marketing beliefs, we have shown that users are willing to interact with their profiles if you make it fun, and provide them with something immediate in return for their efforts. Consumers are more than willing to interact and provide additional information about themselves and this in turn can greatly optimise the efficiency of your marketing.”

With a hint towards the future uses of nFluence’s technology outside of the daily deal space, Mr. Lawson added, “nFluence is now in deep commercial discussions with a number of companies, ranging from mobile operators to mall owners and retailers. With the legal, regulatory and consumer opinion firmly on our side it won’t be long before we are pushing our ‘Advertars’ on to marketers, instead of signing up for their newsletters and loyalty programs.”

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About nFluence Media

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and London, England, nFluence Media is a marketing technology startup that is focused on making marketing work better from a consumer’s point of view. Their patent-pending brand sorter technology allows consumers to create anonymous interest graphs, or “advertars,” for more relevant targeting of deals, offers, ads and messages. Mobile carriers, broadcasters, retailers and media owners can radically enhance the responses to their assets with massively reduced intrusion on uninterested consumers. Founded by Henry Lawson, CEO and Brian Roundtree, CTO, in 2010, nFluence Media puts power back into consumers’ hands when it comes to controlling their digital presence. nFluence Media is venture-backed and launched their first mobile app, dealBoard, in March 2012. Henry Lawson previously spent 20 years running marketing technology companies including Interep and Donovan Data Systems, now MediaOcean. Brian Roundtree is a successful serial entrepreneur, having previously founded SNAPin Software, which sold to Nuance Communications for $224M in 2008. Together, they are focused on delivering messages to those who are interested, when they want it.  For more information, visit

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