Acquires Gif Your Game and to Fuel Sharing and Self-expression in the Metaverse

Leading companies in Cloud Capture and Game Editing join forces to power the future of the Medal platform

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 4, 2021 –, the largest platform powering video game clip-sharing across PC, console and mobile, is making moves towards building the best ways to capture and share 3D worlds in what will be known as the metaverse. Today, the company has announced the acquisitions of gameplay recording platform Gif Your Game and video editing application Both acquisitions provide resources, technology, and talent for Medal to expand the ways players can express themselves online in real time. 

“Our mission is to connect people around shared gaming experiences: the gameplay moments you experience together with friends, family, and total strangers a continent away,” said Pim de Witte, Medal CEO.“These acquisitions make sharing these memories so much easier and more meaningful.”

The future of social is built around shared interactive experiences, a place where people can spend time with their friends in a social network that shares the 3D world, not just the 2D. Currently, the gaming community—and Medal—are ahead of this curve, with players already looking for ways to share gaming moments taking place in 3D game worlds. Medal is working to bring this capability to life in gaming, and these acquisitions are an important step in that direction. 

James Jerlecki, Gif Your Game CEO explained his excitement for the acquisition: “Medal is run by a team of hardcore gamers, including the CEO Pim who I got to know through Rocket League.  In each step of this process, Pim and his team have shown immense care for our community, and we’re excited at what this means for Gif Your Game. We look forward to continuing to build out the future of cloud recording and sharing moments in the metaverse alongside the Medal team.”

With the acquisition of Gif Your Game, Medal gains 3D editing capabilities that allow users to edit a video capture beyond the frame of a clip, giving them access to the full 3D world that a recorded moment occurred in. This means that an epic Rocket League goal, recorded natively in-game at a specific angle, can then be edited outside of the game to change the angle of the camera, apply 3D effects, and more. This capability will be integrated into Medal’s platform soon. Details on how the Gif Your Game community will transition to Medal can be found in a blog post here

“We built because we realized that tools such as After Effects and Premiere create a massive barrier to gamers and content creators,” said Jon Weinberg, CEO. “Our goal was to create the most powerful, yet simple editing platform for gamers to create engaging content easily. Fuzing with Medal extends this mission further.”

With’s advanced video editor and technology, Medal is supercharging their PC editing environments, bringing best-in-class editing capabilities to users at a much lower barrier to entry. Users no longer need to learn complex and expensive applications to get pro-level editing. Along with community filters and social video editor functions, creating engaging and fun gaming clips is easier than ever and all housed under the Medal application. The Fuze app, currently available via the Overwolf app store, will officially be rebranded as Medal on Overwolf. 

Just as gameplay is no longer restricted to a 2D, single-screen format, social interaction around gaming is evolving. Today, the gaming experience is all about shared moments, both between players and also viewers. As Medal expands into a social network of its own it becomes a place to not only capture those moments but also a place to share and experience them together with friends and the wider gaming community in ways they haven’t been able to previously.  As a true gaming metaverse gets closer and closer to reality, these acquisitions position Medal to take advantage of these trends and cement itself as the social network for gaming moments. 

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