SEGA Launches Miku Flick/O2 for iOS

Japanese Vocaloid Sensation- “Hatsune Miku”-Returns to the iPhone

SAN FRANCISCO – Aug. 23, 2012 – SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced the launch of Miku Flick/02. Currently available on the iTunes App Store, Miku Flick/02 is the second installment in the Miku Flick series of action rhythm games where players flick away the lyrics to some of Japanese Vocaloid sensation, Hatsune Miku’s most popular songs. Miku Flick/02 is available for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® on the iTunes App Store for $10.99.

Miku Flick/02 features not only songs from Hatsune Miku, but also from popular characters Kagamine Len and Megurine Luka, with additional DLC featuring songs from KAITO and MEIKO. New features include an extra difficulty setting, “Extreme Mode”, a Replay Mode, and the ability to enhance the game experience with additional DLC song packs.

Miku Flick/02 features include:

  • Improve Your Flick Input! Improve your flick input by flicking the flowing lyrics! This is a great opportunity to learn and master the flick input method! Flick beginners can jump right in on Easy Mode!
  • 12 Songs, Fan Service, and More! The more you play and complete, the more songs you get! A satisfying 12 songs and more for fans to flick away! Turn your iPhone into Miku’s performance stage! Can’t get enough with just finishing all the songs on Easy Mode? Try the tougher modes to challenge new songs and beyond!
  • “Game Center” Compatible! Diverse Game Modes! Compete with other users’ high scores! Feel the heat of competition on the score ranking! Beat the in-game challenges to unlock Achievements and become the Flick Master with Hatsune Miku!

Also alongside today’s release of Miku Flick/02, two additional DLC packs are available. Duet_Pack01 features three duet songs, while Diva_Pack01 collects songs featuring art by fan-favorite artist DIVA.

Miku flick/02 Product Summary:

Miku Flick/02 Song List:
Main Game

  • “Love is War” by ryo, vocals by Hatsune Miku
  • “The First Sound” by malo, vocals by Hatsune Miku
  • “Meltdown” by iroha(sasaki)/kuma(alfred), vocals by Kagamine Rin
  • “Butterfly on my Right Shoulder” by Noripii/Mizuno Yuryo, vocals by Kagamine Len
  • “Just Be Friends” by Dixie Flatline,  vocals by Megurine Luka
  • “Clover Club” by Yuuyu, vocals by Hatsune Miku
  • “Magnet” by Minato (Ryusei P), vocals by Hatsune Miku/ Megurine Luka
  • “Promise” by samfree, vocals by Hatsune Miku/Kagamine Rin
  • “Two-faced Lovers” by wowaka, vocals by Hatsune Miku

DLC: Duet_Pack01

  • “Cantarella” by WhiteFlame (Kuro-usa P), vocals by KAITO/Hatsune Miku
  • “Gemini” by Dixie Flatline, vocals by Kagamine Rin & Len
  • “Colorful×Sexy” by Team MOER, vocals by MEIKO/Megurine Luka

DLC: Diva_Pack01

  • “Look this Way”, Baby by ryo, vocals by Hatsune Miku
  • “Yellow” by kz, vocals by Hatsune Miku
  • “Colorful×Melody” by Team MOER, vocals by Hatsune Miku/Kagamine Rin

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