QatQi Carves a New Niche in Word Games, Available Now on iOS

Chris Garrett Pushes the Genre Forward with Gorgeous Art, Meticulous Design, Fresh Mechanics

PLEASANT VALLEY, NY – Nov. 15, 2012 – Chris Garrett, an independent developer of word games, today announced the launch of his groundbreaking game QatQi, available for free in the App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini. QatQi (pronounced “cat-key”) stands out from the crowd with inspired aesthetics, dynamic music, robust statistical and social features, and never-before-seen mechanics. QatQi isn’t just about laying down tiles and reaping the rewards – it’s a fully immersive, deeply challenging audiovisual experience.

Wordsmiths eager for something new can download QatQi today for free on the iTunes App Store.

“As an avid word gamer myself, I wanted to move the word game genre forward with fresh mechanics, strategic depth, and innovative artwork,” Garrett said.  “Thanks to a lot of effort and a great artistic team, QatQi provides players an unmatched word gaming experience.”

Instead of the standard grid-and-tile system, QatQi gives players “maps” to explore, forcing them to carefully consider each letter as they avoid barriers and uncover hidden bonuses. New puzzles are available every day, with maps becoming more intricate as the week goes on. It’s easy to learn, but offers a new kind of strategic depth for single-player word games.

QatQi features:

  • Novel “map” mechanics – Explore each puzzle by laying out tiles to spell words across increasingly intricate rooms and corridors. Special squares offer big bonuses, but require some smooth wordsmithing to reach.
  • Smart, scaling difficulty – Sunday levels can be brutal, but QatQi eases players in with simple puzzles and an intuitive tutorial. When backed into a corner–sometimes literally–take another try with an Undo.
  • Simple, statistical scoring – Compare skills with other players using QatQi’s cater-made scoring system. Post automatically and view full breakdowns–all without disruptive logins or passwords.
  • Pictures of prowess – When players top the charts in their area or drop a high-scoring word like MOUNTAINEERING (461 points), QatQi will make a personally framed screenshot for them to boast over Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS — all from within the game.
  • Data to die for – To boost scores, players can explore a beautiful interactive stats page that provides key metrics after each puzzle. Even for novice word-slingers, QatQi’s granular breakdowns give something to aim for.
  • Daily fresh contentQatQi offers new levels every day of the week, scaling up in difficulty from Monday to Sunday. Past levels are archived for access anytime.
  • Audiovisual bliss – Artist Kun Chang, a veteran of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the hit game Osmos, lends a striking sensibility to the game. Complementing the looks is an original, spectral score that builds in complexity as players move through the game.

Pick up QatQi for free on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini today from the App Store:











Access the full press kit, including a fact sheet and screenshots, by clicking here.

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