Magical Drop V Launches Onto Steam Today

Cult classic puzzle series revived for PC release

Magic Land–Nov. 15, 2012–UTV Ignition Games has today announced the worldwide release of the anticipated Magical Drop V for PC.  The game is available on Steam for $9.99.  Developed by Golgoth Studio, Magical Drop V updates the retro puzzler with high-definition graphics and sound, an in-depth multiplayer experience, and the addition of the never-before-released Ghostlop game mode.

Part match-three and part bubble-bursting game, Magical Drop V is an addictive, fast-action multiplayer game.  Players chain together colored balls and shoot them into the board in order to remove the balls and send extra lines over to their opponent.  The bigger the chains, the more likely players will overwhelm the opposition or meet the quota first to win.

Eleven quirky tarot-based characters are available to play as, each with unique drop patterns and combos.  The characters also appear behind the player’s board, with full animations and sounds.

Magical Drop V has three different modes of gameplay:

  1. Arcade: players choose a character and battle opponents to follow their stories and discover the lore of Magical Drop.
  2. Marathon: a classic high-scoring competition offers four difficulty levels, in-game global leaderboard, and a friends high-score board to track progress.
  3. Multiplayer: battle one-against-one in Vs Match, two-against-two in Team Match, or players can progress until they’re the last one standing in King of the Hill.

For the first time, the unreleased Ghostlop game is also available.  Players aim and fire balls into the board, bouncing them off the walls to break same-colored clusters.  Two players can even compete across the two different games, sending additional rows to each other with Player One in Magical Drop V mode and Player Two in Ghostlop mode.

Magical Drop V also features:

  • 11 favorite tarot-inspired characters to choose from—Justice, Devil, World, Star, Fool, Chariot, Magician, Empress, Death, Fortune, Black Pierrot each with unique drop and combo patterns and background music.
  • Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud support and d-pad support.
  • Japanese language audio with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish interface options.
  • Multiple gameplay options including single, multi, online and local co-op.
  • High score boards and ranking systems so players can compare progress against friends.

Magical Drop V is a high-paced, frenetic puzzle game that brings a colorful arcade classic to Steam.  Additional game information can be obtained: or


Watch the trailer here:

Download the press kit here for more screenshots.

Media Contact:
Ellen Manuszak, TriplePoint for UTV Ignition Games