Forget the Mayans, Pocket God’s Final Content Update Ushers in the Apocalypse

Bolt Creative and the Pygmies of Pocket God Gear up for big Things in 2013


SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 19, 2012 – The end times have come to the Pygmies of Pocket God, and the apocalypse brings with it friends new and old. Pocket God Episode 47: Apocalypse, Ow! opens up the Apocalypse Temple’s final room, the Closet Room, where a strange, couch-jumping, closet-hiding Pygmy named Tom holds the key to kick-starting the end of days. Forget the Mayans; it turns out that Hollywood’s pesky scientologists were behind the Apocalypse all along!

Apocalypse, Ow! may be the final content update for Pocket God, but the future of the franchise is blindingly bright. Bolt Creative has big plans for our Pygmy friends in 2013, including the launch of Pocket God: The Runs, where the Pygmies you know and love to kill will be back and on the run, endlessly. After recently launching the collectible Pygmy figures in retail locations like Barnes & Noble, and the continued success of the digital comic series, the future has much more in store for Pocket God fans.

Back on the island, players can access the Closet Room and use the device within to release Thetans into the world. These pesky spirits may be cute, but they aren’t all fun. Coax Tom out of the closet (…literally) and bring him to the front of the Apocalypse Temple to open up the Xenu room, where Tom and a baby Pygmy combine to form the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy himself, the terrible Xenu. Turns out L. Ron Hubbard was on to something!

Yet, there is hope for Pygmy-kind. By procuring a gem from each room in Apocalypse Temple, everyone’s favorite pint-sized heroes can stop the apocalypse and put right the evils scientology hath wrought! The Apocalypse isn’t all doom and gloom though, with a new Zombie skin pack bringing back undead versions of many of the series’ favorite characters, monsters, and baddies.

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