Aarklash: Legacy’s Tactical Combat Revealed in New Screenshots


PARIS – June 27, 2013 – The heroes of Cyanide Studio’s strategy and adventure game, Aarklash: Legacy, show you what they are made of with a new set of screenshots!

Tactical combat is at the heart of Aarklash: Legacy‘s gameplay. Players have the ability to pause the game while planning the actions of each of their four units to defeat groups of organized enemy fighters already equipped with a variety of skills. Sturdy creatures will be in the way with surprises in store for every battle.

A good sense of positioning is the key to avoid the powerful spells of enemy magicians and giving health by mistake to an enemy unit who may stand on the trajectory of a healing spell.

Players can also change the make up of their team by choosing from eight different fighters with various powers. Each has strengths and weaknesses, tasking players to synergize appropriately in order to succeed in each mission. For example, players can inflict a good deal of damage with Wendaroo, a healer, by using the reverse healing effects skill of Motcha, the Orc.  When an ally falls, he must be aided quickly in order to avoid defeat. In Aarklash: Legacy, reflection and organization are the secret to victory!

Today’s five new screenshots give the first glimpse of the user interface as well as more details on combat!

Download the five new Aarklash: Legacy screenshots here: ftp://press:press@ftp.cyanide-studio.com/Aarklash:Legacy/combat-screenshots

Available for PC in Q3 2013, Aarklash: Legacy will take players on an epic adventure inspired by the universe of the Confrontation miniatures game.

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