Team2Bit Brings Fist Puncher to OUYA February 25th


The button-mashing brawler’s release kicks off a two game partnership with OUYA

Team2Bit brings their hit indie title, Fist Puncher, to the OUYA next week as part of a two-game deal. Launched last year after a successful Kickstarter, Fist Puncher is the creation of brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski as an homage to classic beat em’ up 8-bit brawlers of yesteryear. Adding two OUYA-exclusive characters to an already impressive roster of 15, Fist Puncher features more than 50 crime lord crushing levels and hits the OUYA store next Tuesday.

Fist Puncher is one of two games the Brothers L plan to bring to OUYA this year. During next month’s annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, they’ll debut their new indie to press and show attendees in the OUYA booth. Not much can be revealed just yet, but expect a pair of bitter rivals to join forces and determine the fate of the free world only on OUYA.

Fist Puncher brings the pain with these kickass features:

  • 17 playable characters, including Dr. Karate, Steroid Jackson, Hella Fistgerald and the Beekeeper.
  • Unique attacks and movesets for each character.
  • RPG features allow you to assign attribute points to hone and sculpt your characters to your liking.
  • Purchase perks including new moves and powers for your characters.
  • Over 50 levels, from a nude beach to Hitler’s birthday party.
  • 99 unlockable achievement trading cards – collect them all!
  • Over 100 collectible items.
  • Attack with tasers, slingshots, guns, bombs and more.
  • Throw cars, cows, dogs, street musicians and whatever else you can pick up.
  • Four player local co-op.
  • Sexy pixel art graphics – like living in 1988!

Check out the new Fist Puncher trailer here:

Fist Puncher assets can be found here:

And a handy Team2Bit media-only FAQ lives here:

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About Team2Bit

Team2Bit is an indie game studio comprised of two brothers located in Santa Cruz, California. They make pixelated, retro-styled games infused with humor and some modern twists. They’re also graduating members of IGN’s Indie Open House class of 2012. Check out the Team2Bit website for more information:

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