Global eSports Management (GEM) Adds Nearly 30 Top eSports Professionals to Talent Roster

GEM opens eSports training facility in Dusseldorf, Germany and video production studio in Seoul, South Korea

LONDON – March 10, 2014 – Global eSports Management (GEM) today launched their full-service organization to provide talent services to eSports professionals. GEM’s primary services include eSports talent representation, sales, marketing and consulting. Management is available to everyone from competitive gamers and coaches to shoutcasters and commentators.

The eSports industry is experiencing explosive growth as live streams of matches, events and personal streams set viewership records. Top players are achieving celebrity status, and live events all over the world are selling out large arenas. With this explosion of viewership, a loyal fan base and burgeoning consumer interest, major sponsors are recognizing the value in marketing to the eSports industry. To capitalize on this interest, GEM works to create innovative new revenue streams for their clients.

Global eSports Management was founded by Tobias Sherman, Hwanni Kim and Min-Sik Ko, harnessing their combined 25 years of experience to create a premier full-service agency. “Each person brings unique skills to the team, providing the best possible experience for our clients,” said Tobias Sherman. “Individually, we’ve already enjoyed eSports success by providing talent with opportunities and support. Now unified, we will amplify our services for a truly global reach. We will advance eSports talent in their careers as well as foster new avenues for players looking to break into the industries.”

Today, Global eSports Management also announced the launch of a gaming house in Düsseldorf, Germany as part of GEM’s global initiative to provide support to eSports talent. Built as a full-service training facility, it includes pro-grade computers, catering, off-hours entertainment and even maid services. The goal is to create an environment where players can focus on improving their game without distractions. With close proximity to Cologne, the house functions as a boot camp to help players acclimate before major tournaments such as DreamHack and Intel Extreme Masters.

Finally, GEM today announced the construction of a video production studio located in Seoul, South Korea. With full broadcasting capabilities, the studio provides a hub for both foreign and domestic talent in Seoul, allowing them to create content for popular eSports outlets.

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About Global eSports Management
Founded in November 2013 by Tobias Sherman, Hwanni Kim, and Min-Sik Ko, Global eSports Management (GEM) is a full-service organization providing talent services to eSports professionals. With locations in Miami, Düsseldorf, Germany and Seoul, South Korea, GEM provides eSports talent representation, sales, marketing and consulting to members of the pro gaming industry around the world.

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