Thralled Coming Exclusively to OUYA this Fall

Thralled New LogoArt-driven Experience Tackles the Emotional Tolls of Love and Loss in Slavery

SANTA MONICA, Calif.– March 13, 2014 –  OUYA today announced that Thralled, an interactive experience that tells the story of a runaway slave in 18th century Brazil, is coming exclusively to OUYA in the fall of 2014. Capturing the intense emotions of slavery, loss, and freedom in the colonial New World, Thralled will take OUYA players on a provocative journey that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.

Thralled follows the journey of a young woman named Isaura, a slave traumatized by the disappearance of her child and tormented by memories of an agonizing past. After years living under oppression, she escapes from the sugarcane plantation where she was kept captive and takes to the thick forest to locate her lost son. Hunted by her former masters, Isaura must traverse the wilderness in secret and overcome both real and imagined threats. Thralled depicts Isaura’s search for freedom with vibrant color and dramatic art design that immerse players in the journey, and sacrifices, that Isaura must make.  

Originally created as a student project from Miguel Oliveira and his team, Thralled was listed as a finalist in the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge in 2012. An early demo of Thralled will be shown at the OUYA booth at GDC, giving members of the press their first chance to experience Isaura’s journey first-hand.

More information, including a trailer and art assets, can be found on the Thralled website:

Any media interested in learning more about Thralled, arranging for a demo during GDC, or meeting the developers at the show should contact TriplePoint PR at or 415.955.8500. In addition, media can contact Miguel Oliveira (lead designer) at .

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