Chukong Technologies Opens Pre-registration for Chaos Fighters

Chukong LogoBeijing-based Mobile Developer Tests User Acquisition Strategy with Pre-registration Player Rewards

BEIJING – March 13, 2014 – Chukong Technologies today announced the launch of a pre-registration website for their upcoming mobile Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Chaos Fighters. The pre-registration page allows fans who are interested in Chaos Fighters to sign up and receive an early notification about the game’s launch. At this time, pre-registered players will also receive special in-app rewards and be entered into a prize drawing. Pre-registration for this game is available at the following URL:

“Just as Chukong Technologies bridges the Chinese and American mobile game markets by providing a platform for international users to enjoy the most popular games, so too are we excited to introduce this new initiative in an effort to further cross-pollinate our best practices for distribution and discovery,” said Lei Zhang, US general manager of Chukong Technologies. “With a large and vibrant MMORPG community accumulating around its launch, Chaos Fighters is the perfect title for which to offer this unique pre-registration option.”

Chaos Fighters immerses players in a chaotic and colorful world of mobile RPG combat. With more than 50 characters to choose from, 40 skills to combine and hundreds of loot items to equip, players have countless options for creating and arming a warrior to take on AI and human opponents. Chaos Fighters has a unique character switching mechanic that lets players switch between different fighters at will, making it easy to try out new fighting styles to find the one that works best in any situation.

The game’s Player vs. Player (PvP) combat has made it a major hit in Asia, achieving more than 1 million downloads to date since launch and climbing the top revenue-grossing game ranks in China, Taiwan and Korea. Furthermore, the game’s art style and visual effects will make it an easy gateway game to the genre for Western audiences when it launches on March 27 in the United States.

More commonly used in the console and PC gaming markets in the US, pre-registration for mobile games has proven to be a successful practice in Asia to reward players who are interested in games and to nurture an active community before launch. This is important for MMORPGs, where an energetic community greatly improves the game experience. The Chaos Fighters’ pre-registration page for the Taiwan launch drew close to 150,000 registrations, which converted to more than 50,000 downloads. Chukong Technologies is leveraging its previous success to refine and optimize its approach to implement their first-ever use of a pre-registration page for mobile games in the US market.

About Chukong Technologies

As the largest mobile game company based in China, Chukong Technologies is a leading game developer, international publishing partner and gaming community manager under its Coco and CocoaChina brands. Chukong has helped some of the world’s largest mobile developers navigate the complexities of the Chinese mobile market, as well as published many of the most popular mobile titles in China, such as the Fishing Joy franchise. Chukong also sponsors and manages Cocos2D-x, one of the most widely used 2D game engines in the world.

Chukong Technologies aims to become a leading digital distribution company and is currently expanding its infrastructure and partnerships to facilitate new business opportunities. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company also has operations in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Menlo Park, California.

For more information, please visit and follow the company on Twitter at @CocoaChina.

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