Peppy Pairs Combines Memory Matching with Modern Design to make Brain Training Fun, Now Available on iOS

Debut title from 231 Play coming soon to Android

BERLIN – January 26 – Test your brain and save Pair-a-dise in Peppy Pairs, the debut game from 231 Play! Peppy Pairs is a bright and fun re-imagining of a classic memory matching game – players will need to tackle head-scratching challenges and avoid perilous pitfalls to match quirky characters. Peppy Pairs  is perfect for fans of puzzle games, memory challenges, and brain training. The game will launch on Android next week, and can be downloaded for free on iOS below:


In the magical world of Pair-a-dise, everything comes in twos. But when Mono – a mysterious figure without a pair of his own – splits the world in half, it’s up to you to “re-pair” the damage. Uncover tiles to match 100s of fun and unique characters using your memory skills, but be ready to adjust your strategy as power-ups and obstacles change the game board as you play.

Peppy Pairs’ mix of fun visuals and challenging gameplay make it a perfect brain training exercise. As players progress through the game, they’ll face increasingly difficult game boards that will test their memory, and social integration makes it easy for players to celebrate their progress with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Peppy Pairs is the first game from 231 Play, a Berlin-based mobile development studio created by the team behind Zombie Smash and the Game Doctors studio acquired by Zynga in 2012. 231 Play is dedicated to producing high-quality content by “casualizing” the original casual games – long-beloved classics like crosswords, jumbles and memory games, which have universal appeal and yet have barely penetrated the mobile market.

Assets can be downloaded from the press kit:

About 231 Play

231 Play is an innovative and data-driven mobile gaming studio that strives to update and re-imagine timeless game mechanics to usher them into the current age of digital casual gaming. Founded by mobile veterans Matthias and Thomas Hoechsmann, the studio was founded in 2016 in Berlin.