Power Up Your Switch Joy Con and Pro Controllers with Charge Block

Cross-Platform Modular Charging Solutions for Nintendo Switch Now Available from Online Retailers

Los Angeles – August 15, 2017 – Nyko Technologies, the inventive LA-based video game accessories manufacturer, today announced the launch of Charge Block Pro and Charge Block for Nintendo Switch™, two cross-platform modular charging solutions for Nintendo Switch Pro and Joy-Con™ controllers. Both new additions to Nyko’s Charge Block line easily connect to multiple Charge Blocks from different platforms to create a universal charging system that utilizes a single power source and minimizes clutter. Charge Block Pro and Charge Block for Nintendo Switch are now available for an MSRP of $19.99 each on Nyko.comGameStop.com, and very soon on Amazon.com.

View the introductory videos for Charge Block for Nintendo Switch and Charge Block Pro here: https://youtu.be/TdYFsLEsIS0  

“Our line of Charge Blocks for Xbox One, PS4, and PSVR has been very popular, so expanding support to the Nintendo Switch was a very logical step for us,” said Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “With our two new Charge Blocks for Nintendo Switch, users with multiple consoles can easily keep their controllers charged without adding another mess of wires or additional chargers to their crowded entertainment center.”

Charge Block Pro utilizes Nyko’s patented dongle system that attaches to the USB Type-C™ port on the controller for easy drop and charge functionality, without changing the ergonomics and grip of the Pro Controller. It also features a pass-through window for the charge indicator on the Pro Controller to clearly notify users of the charging status. Charge Block for Nintendo Switch features a rail system that allows users to easily slide and charge up to four Joy-Con controllers at a time, as well as an LED light indicator that signals when charging is complete. Both Charge Block Pro and Charge Block for Nintendo Switch plug into a wall outlet or USB port for recharging, and their low-profile design allows them to easily fit into most entertainment centers for convenient storage.

Download the press kit here.

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