Trivia Crack 2, Sequel to the Global Hit Game, Now Available Worldwide for iOS and Android

Successor to 5th most-played mobile game in the world includes new competitive game modes, including a race to build towers using correctly-answered trivia questions

Buenos Aires – October 25, 2018 – Etermax, a leading company in social game development and maker of the global hit Trivia Crack, today released worldwide the highly-anticipated sequel Trivia Crack 2 for iOS and Android. The free-to-download mobile game was redesigned from the ground up to improve upon what fans love about Trivia Crack while adding new competitive game modes.

Trivia Crack 2 presents many surprises  for original Trivia Crack fans and new users alike. The new trivia game keeps the essence of its predecessor but includes a more strategic, challenging and social twist with fresh game features. The brand new real-time game mode, called “Tower Duel“, not only requires knowledge but also a hint of strategy to win. Unlike the original Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2 incorporates a social mode that will allow users to group up with friends, family and players from all over the world to compete in “Teams“. Finally, the new progression system will spark competition among users by presenting more than 240 levels and a general ranking, where the players will be able to compare their rank nationally and globally.

Launched in 2013, Trivia Crack is a mobile social game that has friends and family competing for trivia domination. The goal is to answer questions correctly and collect six characters that each represent a knowledge category: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History.

Over the past year, the Etermax team has been concentrating their efforts into creating an enhanced version of the classic game for trivia fans, without losing its essence.

“With Trivia Crack, we have a hit game with legions of fans, so we created Trivia Crack 2 to keep what we love about Trivia Crack while introducing new ways to play with friends and family,” said Maximo Cavazzani, Etermax founder and CEO. “We wanted to change the user’s progress, the game dynamics, the interface, the way the players socialize, and all of this implied a huge change in the classic Trivia Crack. In that moment, we decided to create a new trivia game that gathers all those features and that would surprise both new and returning fans.”

Check out the trailer introducing the all-new Trivia Crack 2 here.

Trivia Crack 2 Key Features:

  • Tower Duel: Players race against each other to build the highest tower in this new game mode where strategy is paramount. Players choose one knowledge category per try and answer a series of trivia questions, and whoever answers the most questions correctly wins the category. Each category represents a block in the tower, and the player that accumulates the most correct categories, wins.
  • Teams: Players can now create or join teams of up to 50 people from around the world. Once part of a team, teams can exchange lives with other team members and receive gold bars (a new in-game currency) from one another. In addition, team members can talk strategy with one another in the group chat. The strength of the individual players on a team determines the team’s level – the higher the team level, the harder it will be for outside players to join – and for members to prove they deserve to stay!
  • Collections: Trivia Crack 2 includes more than 240 levels, which are represented by adorable collectible characters that users win as they advance through the game.
  • Ranking: For players ready to reach the peak of Trivia Crack 2 fame can now compare their own level and the level of their team through a national and global ranking, accessible through the home page.
  • New interface: Fully renovated graphics with brand new character animations.
  • 15 languages: Available in 15 languages with many more to be added in upcoming versions.
  • Hundreds of thousands questions to sharpen the minds of players all over the world!

“Our users’ feedback was paramount to provide the best version possible and make Trivia Crack 2 a global success. In the long run, users will become hooked due to the new features, including an improved ability to progress throughout the game, its fresh and renewed aesthetic, and the hard work we put into it, improving the technology of the content for both games.” said Mariana Badano, Product Owner of Trivia Crack 2.

Download Trivia Crack 2 today on the App Store here and Google Play Market here and jump into a new challenge!

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