E3 2019: My Arcade Announces New Partnerships and Slate of Playable Collectibles

Go Hands-on with My Arcade’s Retro Champ console and its latest collectibles featuring SPACE INVADERS and Jaleco sports titles – all available to demo at West Hall Booth #4734  

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 10, 2019 My Arcade, a leading manufacturer of licensed classic gaming collectibles, revealed its retro-charged E3 2019 lineup. The announcements include an expanded partnership with Taito Corporation to release a SPACE INVADERS Micro Player and City Connection International for two new Pocket Players featuring classic Jaleco sports titles.

In addition to the collectibles, the final version of My Arcade’s Retro Champ is available to demo ahead of its launch.

E3 attendees can check out My Arcade’s offerings at West Hall Booth #4734 from Tuesday to Thursday. Interested press and creators attending E3 can email myarcade@triplepointpr.com to book an appointment.

More details on My Arcade’s E3 line-up can be found below:

  • Retro Champ [MSRP $79.99]: The Retro Champ is My Arcade’s portable console that plays NES and Famicom cartridges and also supports HDMI output for home play. The console boasts a 7” screen, 3-5 hour battery life, and a built-in cartridge cleaning kit.
  • SPACE INVADERS Micro Player [MSRP: $39.99]: My Arcade unveils the latest product created in collaboration with its lasting partner Taito: the SPACE INVADERS Micro Player. This miniature, playable SPACE INVADERS arcade cabinet stands at 6.75” and features a 2.75” screen, volume control and iconic artwork from the original cabinet.
  • Jaleco Pocket Player [MSRP: $34.99]: My Arcade debuts its new partnership with City Connection International with a Pocket Player packed with Jaleco classic sports games in two editions: Goal! And Bases Loaded editions. Gamers can get their sports fix on-the-go in this compact, ergonomic player.

A press kit for all My Arcade products at E3 is located here.

About My Arcade

My Arcade is a retro-focused gaming accessories manufacturer that offers an exciting array of portable handhelds, Mini Arcades, Plug N’ Play gaming devices, collectibles and unique accessories for classic consoles. My Arcade is dedicated to becoming a go-to source for all things retro. For more information on My Arcade and its wide selection of retro gaming products, check out myarcadegaming.com, follow on Instagram @MyArcadeRetro and Twitter @MyArcadeRetro.

About TAITO Corporation

TAITO Corporation (TAITO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, TAITO operates core businesses such as game arcade operations, coin-operated game machines, and mobile phone content services. A seminal part of gaming history, TAITO caused a worldwide sensation with its arcade legend, SPACE INVADERS®, and developed such fan favorites as PUZZLE BOBBLE® (BUST-A-MOVE®) and ARKANOID®. Today, TAITO continues to thrill game lovers of all generations by offering both classic and new family-oriented titles on the latest gaming platforms. TAITO delivers a wide range of entertainment experiences with the goal of providing consumers with fresh surprises and new discoveries. More information on TAITO can be found at http://www.taito.com/.

About City Connection Co., Ltd.

City Connection is a developer/publisher located in Tokyo Japan. City Connection also owns the rights to over 300 Jaleco IPs. City Connection specializes in developing games and creating soundtracks for both Jaleco and other classic gaming IPs. Growth of the company through worldwide release of multiplatform products will help maximize the consumer recognition of City Connection. For more information, visit https://www.city-connection.co.jp/.

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