Super Mecha Champions Update Introduces New Mecha, Weapon Class, and Multiplayer Upgrades

Special in-game event to commemorate new Hurricane Mecha happening now through September 18

GUANGZHOU, China – September 10, 2019 – NetEase Games has today released an update for Super Mecha Champions, the anime-inspired battle royale mobile game, introducing a new playable character, Mecha, Pulse Rifle weapon, narrative trailer, and improvements to Team Deathmatch mode. In Super Mecha Champions, players must collect loot and pilot giant robot Mechas to dominate the battlefield and claim the title of Super Mecha Champion. Pilots can play solo in classic Battle Royale mode or with friends across all devices in Team Deathmatch mode. 

Check out the new Hurricane Mecha in action here:

Features of the latest Super Mecha Champions update include:

  • New Playable Character and Mecha: Drill Sergeant Veta and her Mecha, Hurricane, are available now. Hurricane can transform into an aircraft armed with guns and missiles so players can tactfully pick off their opponents from the air. 
  • New Weapon Class: The new Pulse Rifle weapon shoots stable, electromagnetic three-round bursts and is available now in Battle Royale, Battle Frenzy, and Team Deathmatch modes. 
  • Team Deathmatch Improvements: Team Deathmatch mode is now 5-on-5, and now the first team to reach 50 points wins. The base shield in Team Deathmatch mode has been reduced and breaking a player’s shield no longer scores points (shield regeneration time remains at 20 seconds). Additionally, two new spawn points are available in Port and Alpha Tower (respawn invincibility remains at eight seconds). Finally, a “back to base” option is now available, but if used the enemy will be awarded one point (“back to base” has a 90-second cooldown). 
  • Narrative Trailer: Pilots can now view the official narrative trailer of Super Mecha Champions, which details the story behind the Super Mecha Champions universe. To view the narrative trailer, visit:

To download Super Mecha Champions, visit:

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