BUGATTI Collaboration Available Now in Black Desert

Fulfill your need for speed on all platforms

Manhattan Beach, California — June 8, 2021 — Today, Pearl Abyss announced an in-game collaboration between Black Desert and the prestigious French brand BUGATTI. Adventurers can take part in special quests rewarding in-game branded items across all platforms from now until the first week of July.

Watch the BUGATTI collaboration trailer:

PC and console players can take part in the special BUGATTI collaboration quests, available outside of Polly’s Forrest, to earn rare items, including speed enhancements for mounts. On mobile, the quests are available through a lengthy quest-chain, with heavy story emphasis, in which Adventurers will be tasked with unveiling the secrets of the mysterious Blue Ghost. During the collaboration period, BUGATTI fans and Adventurers can also purchase various branded items at the in-game Pearl Shop, including BUGATTI branded outfits, horse gear, and accessories.

“When it comes to the creation of dream products, BUGATTI is not limiting itself to hyper sports cars. We are open to whatever mobilises our senses in an incomparable way. And as the world of knights, fairies and miracles definitely attracts a huge fan base, we were open to this cooperation, especially with Black Desert whose graphic quality across the platforms is outstanding. They have been pioneers in what they are doing and permanently push the boundaries in the world of online gaming,” said Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of BUGATTI INTERNATIONAL. 

“The heart of the Black Desert franchise and BUGATTI cars are the same – passion and obsession for technological quality. It’s each companies’ proprietary engine that makes Black Desert and BUGATTI special. The collaboration works seamlessly because both brands are aiming for the same goal; the best customer experience on the planet.” said Jeonghee Jin, CEO of Pearl Abyss America. 

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