Become a Legend in Adventures in Rokugan, Available August 5

Experience the universe of Legend of the Five Rings through the 5th Edition SRD, the world’s most popular RPG ruleset

SAINT JEAN, France — July 21, 2022 — Today, Asmodee and Edge Studio announced Adventures in Rokugan will be available August 5. The TTRPG brings the mythical world of Legend of The Five Rings to the beloved ruleset of the 5th Edition SRD. The corebook immerses players within folklore inspired by the cultures of East Asia and empowers them to become a hero of the Emerald Empire. Adventures in Rokugan is available for purchase from selected retailers in English territories for an MSRP of $49.99. The game will launch worldwide in Q4 2022.

Created in the 1990s, Rokugan is a rich universe that has been adapted many times over the years. Among the richest is the RPG Legend of the Five Rings which took players on epic quests in the Emerald Empire across 14 books. Adventures in Rokugan introduces the setting to the 5th Edition SRD, creating a more dynamic and action-focused game system. Players choose between 7 classes of characters, including the Shinobi, Bushi, Courtier, and Ritualist, and become a legend of Rokugan. To do this, players must prove their strength by facing dangerous villains, political schemes, and mythical beasts like yōkai, spirits, ghosts, and demons that threaten the Empire.

Key Features

  • L5R: Adventures in Rokugan adapts the Legend of the Five Rings universe to the 5th Edition SRD. The ruleset is the world’s most famous and beloved RPG system, making it a game that all tabletop fans can enjoy.
  • Stories of Adventure: Thrilling stories await players in the Emerald Empire through action-focused gameplay and quests that will test players heroism, courage, and chivalry.
  • Become A Legend: Players create a character tasked with protecting the common folk and fighting the vile demons pillaging Rokugan. They can play as a human or non-human species across 7 classes: Shinobi, Pilgrim, Courtier, Ritualist, Bushi, Duelist, and Acolyte.
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Number of pages: 424.
  • Release date: August 5, 2022 in USA, Canada, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Q4 in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Adventures in Rokugan is published by Edge Studio and distributed by Asmodee.

Assets for Adventures in Rokugan can be found here. To learn more about the game, visit the official website.

About Edge Studio

Edge Studio (formerly named Edge Entertainment and Ubik) was created in 1999. Edge is part of Asmodee Group as its RPG specialist studio. Edge Studio’s mission is to develop universes full of wonders, mysteries and dangers with vicious villains and bold heroes. The studio’s hope is that players find its games beautiful, engaging, and fun to play.

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