Owlchemy Labs Announces Plans For COOwl Andrew Eiche To Step Into CEOwl Role, Continuing Company’s Mission to Push VR Forward

Devin Reimer steps down after 12 years of transforming the studio into one of the first commercially successful VR companies

AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 16, 2023 – Today, Owlchemy Labs announced that company Chief Operating Owl (COOwl), Andrew Eiche, will step into the Chief Executive Owl (CEOwl) role starting on March 3, 2023. Eiche will continue to maintain the studio’s current course of creating high-quality Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Eiche will also manage the company’s ongoing efforts into VR development and hand tracking, while maintaining Owlchemy’s mission statement of making “VR for Everyone.”

Current CEOwl Devin Reimer leaves on good terms with the company after over 12 years, and will be moving on to new challenges, including work on philanthropic opportunities outside of Owlchemy Labs. Under Reimer’s leadership, Owlchemy has achieved massive success and grown from a two person company to a 50+ staff studio. Throughout his tenure, Reimer has led Owlchemy to become one of the first commercially successful VR companies in the world. His achievements include numerous awards, developing and launching the sensational multi-platinum Job Simulator, and shepherding the company through its 2017 acquisition by Google.

“As CEO, my mission is to keep Owlchemy Labs on our proven path of success and to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with VR,” Andrew Eiche, current COOwl and future CEOwl of Owlchemy Labs, said. “I share Devin’s vision of the studio’s future and our mission, of making ‘VR for Everyone,’ remains unchanged. Our games will continue to push boundaries while maintaining their signature quirky feel. We will also continue to invest in VR’s future and explore new ways to push the technology forward.”

“Andrew has been an instrumental part of Owlchemy’s ongoing growth and success, making him a natural fit to take over as CEO,” said Devin Reimer, the Departing CEOwl at Owlchemy Labs. “From some small mobile games, to a few people in my basement working on VR, to a 50+ person studio with multiple successful industry-defining titles. What a ride it has been! I consider myself so fortunate to have worked with such talented people over these 12+ years. I will miss Owlchemy immensely. Ending on our company tradition of Owl puns, I bid a fond farewOWL to everyone and I’m so excited to see what Owlchemy does next”

New CEOwl Andrew Eiche joined Owlchemy in late 2015 as a Producer where he helped the team push Job Simulator, the studio’s first viral hit, across the finish line. Eiche also led development as the Executive Producer behind the Emmy-nominated Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Since then, his strategic leadership has contributed to the company’s continued success, with Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator consistently leading sales charts across all major VR platforms. After becoming CTOwl in 2018, and later COOwl, Eiche guided the company to launch Cosmonious High and began planning the company’s future with Reimer, overseeing development into hand tracking and accessibility.

In addition to his work at Owlchemy Labs, Eiche has served as a co-chair on the XRA accessibility board, an organization that promotes responsible development and adoption of AR, VR, and MR products. Eiche is a vocal advocate for furthering VR development to bring VR into even more hands.

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About Owlchemy Labs

Founded in 2010 and acquired by Google in 2017, Owlchemy Labs is an XR studio with a passion for polished, playful, and innovative VR games and experiences. Owlchemy’s titles include the award-winning, multi-platinum VR launch title “Job Simulator”, the Emmy-nominated “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality”, the top ten VR title “Vacation Simulator” and their newest VR title “Cosmonious High”. With the mission of making VR for everyone, Owlchemy focuses on creating absurdly funny games and experiences in their signature style with ground-breaking accessibility that welcomes all players. Owlchemy continues to share its pioneering experiments and VR best practices through blog posts, white papers, and talks around the globe.

More information about Owlchemy Labs can be found at https://owlchemylabs.com.

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