Mad Mushroom and Lighfox Games Bring Physics-based PvP Brawler Rumble Club to PC and Mobile on April 23

Join the open playtest today through March 28 to push, pull, and punch your friends out of the Arena!

AUSTIN, Texas – March 21, 2024 – Mad Mushroom, the influencer-owned video game publisher under the OTK Media network, and Lightfox Games have today revealed Rumble Club, a physics-based brawler where players can enter the colorful, chaotic fray to punch, push, throw or trick opponents in pursuit of giddy glory. A free title with in-game purchases, Rumble Club launches April 23rd on Steam, Epic Game Store, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

Knock yourself out with a new Rumble Club trailer, and join the open playtest now through March 28th via the game’s Steam page.  

In Rumble Club, quirky mechanics meet layered depth in physics-based and frenzied battles where players can deploy silly gadgets, collect funky skins, and explore different game modes. With cross-platform play and cross-save available for PC and mobile, players will be able to make progress, play with (or even punch!) their friends and foes across devices. 

Key Features of Rumble Club include: 

  • Physics-Based Combat – Who needs health bars? In Rumble Club, it’s all physics. Pick up goofy gadgets (or just use your fists) and attempt to push, pull, punch, throw, or trick your opponents out of the Arena and into the Goop!
  • Multiple Modes to Explore – Master a variety of game modes like Punch Royale, King of the Hill, and Sugar Rush, and play either solo or with a team in matches of up to 20 players. Event modes will be rotated daily, with new modes added each season, bringing even wackier twists to the game!
  • Play Anywhere – Cross-play, cross-save, cross-everything. Whether you’re on PC or mobile, you can make progress, play, and punch your friends!
  • Endless Customization – Pick your Skin, your Accessories, apply Paints to them, and equip hilarious emotes to show your style in the Arena and on the podium!

Season 1 of Rumble Club will kick off at launch on April 23rd, featuring an outer space theme. Players will be able to earn out-of-this world skins, accessories, and emotes to customize their characters. They can also level up seasonal gadgets in order to unlock exclusive cosmetics and flex their prowess for Seasons to come. Finally, Season 1 includes several maps and modes that take place on the Moon. Rumble Club will be updated regularly with new seasons, each introducing new cosmetics, gadgets, and maps.

“After our first play session of Rumble Club we knew we had to bring this title into the Mad Mushroom portfolio,” said Mike “Sibs” Silbowitz, CEO of Mad Mushroom. “This is exactly the type of title we are looking for: late in development, incredibly fun, inherently social, made by a talented dev team, and deserving of discovery. Rumble Club is already a hit among our OTK content creators, and we can’t wait to see the chaos players get up to.” 

“With Rumble Club we set out to make an accessible and addictive brawler that anyone – casual or competitive – can play anywhere,” said Ryan Murphy, CEO of Lightfox Games. “We’ve found a great partner in Mad Mushroom: a publisher that was able to move fast to help bring the game to market and reach a wide audience of players who we hope will enjoy the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.” 

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