CCP Games Deploys the First Content Update for EVE Vanguard

Founders Access members can play from now until March 25 and help forge the future of EVE’s sci-fi sandbox FPS

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – March 21, 2024 – Today, CCP Games released the first content update for EVE Vanguard, the sci-fi sandbox FPS set in the EVE Universe currently in early development at CCP’s London studio. The update introduces a mining laser prototype, a new combat suit for the Vanguard warclones, and new contracts that give Vanguard mercenaries a choice between sides in the ongoing struggle between order and disorder in New Eden, deepening the game’s connection to EVE Online. Founder’s Access members can experience the new content from today until March 25, 2024. Founders Access is available for all EVE Online accounts with an active Omega subscription.

“We’re dedicated to developing EVE Vanguard hand-in-hand with our passionate community,” said Scott Davis, Lead Product Manager atCCP London. “Showcasing the prototype mining laser and evolution of the warclone suit reinforces our dedication to an open development process where players can tangibly impact the game’s direction.”

“As EVE Vanguard continues to evolve, the community’s feedback following each First Strike playtest has led us to make subtle yet impactful enhancements to gameplay,” said Emily Akland, Senior Brand Manager for EVE Vanguard. “The new mining laser prototype brings a strategic layer to resource gathering and is the first demonstration of our commitment to delivering our vision for the ultimate sci-fi sandbox FPS experience.”

Features of EVE Vanguard’s March update include:

  • Mining Laser Prototype: Seize valuable mineral resources with the mining laser. Carefully survey the environment to identify surface deposits and extract ore from nodes, essential for accomplishing contract objectives.
  • Mining and Salvage Contracts: Directly contribute to Suppression or Corruption efforts on the front lines of New Eden. Each completed contract feeds into the ongoing interstellar conflict, including skirmishes over territory in the warzones, the ongoing pirate insurgency and overarching territorial alignment, intertwining EVE Vanguard gameplay with the persistent world of EVE Online.
  • New Warclone Suit: Equip a sleek suit with a slimmer profile, designed with dexterity in mind. The new suit’s unique appearance enables Vanguard mercenaries to visually distinguish fellow players from hostile NPCs on the battlefield for enhanced tactical awareness.

As with all previous First Strike playtests, players can compete to gain rewards. By completing contracts and successfully extracting, Vanguard mercenaries will be placed on a leaderboard that will handsomely reward the top 10 players with up to 3000 PLEX.

This blog post provides further information about the March update, including rewards on offer, quality-of-life improvements, and more: Get Ready to Jump Into EVE Vanguard

Assets for EVE Online are in the press kit here and assets for EVE Vanguard are here,

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