Fun Dog Studios Unveils First Gameplay for The Forever Winter

Navigate a post-apocalyptic fever dream where the chosen one is nowhere to be found. Can you brave the cold?

OLYMPIA, WA MAY 2, 2024 – Today, Fun Dog Studios, an independent game developer formed by industry veterans behind iconic titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, DOOM Eternal, Killzone, Hawken, and Mass Effect, unveiled the first look at gameplay for their debut game, The Forever Winter. The Forever Winter is a squad-based, tactical looter-shooter with rogue-like elements, where you fight to survive against gigantic war machines. Wishlist on Steam today.

Check out the action-packed cinematic and gameplay trailer here:

In The Forever Winter, players enter a maze of relentless PvEvE conflict, with various ever-present enemy factions fighting to achieve their own objectives. Squads of up to four players (or AI-driven squadmates) face off against (or sneak by) hordes of colossal enemies and loot the fallen in a desperate race to secure what’s left of Earth’s dwindling resources. Scavenge what you need, then be ready to run like hell or face an inevitably bloody demise. Building your arsenal over multiple play-throughs gives you a fighting chance against bigger and badder enemies… but you’ll never stop the war. You’ll never “win.” In The Forever Winter, winning is staying alive and returning home with supplies for your crew.

“Our work on The Forever Winter started out with one simple truth: war is hell. There’s a time and a place for the power fantasy of being a super soldier, but frankly, it’s been done time and time again,” said Miles Williams, CEO and Creative Director of Fun Dog Studios. “With The Forever Winter, we wanted to redefine victory as survival – ensuring that every battle is hard fought, and every defeat is a lesson learned. You’ll be rewarded for fighting smarter, not harder, and maintaining situational awareness in a world we designed to be as unforgiving as it is unforgettable. While your power will grow, you’ll always be a mouse in a maze, to survive, you’ll have to work together.”

Key Features Include: 

  • PvEvE: Enemies have their own goals and agendas, operate in coordinated groups as part of a combat ecosystem, and undertake full-scale battles both against you and other NPCs—and each faction will intelligently react to your actions in different ways.
  • Gear Up to Survive: Customize your loadout and get your squad ready to enter the maze. Upgrade your weapons and gear to suit your playstyle with scavenged resources and increase your (small) chances of survival against relentless enemies.
  • Prioritize Stealth and Teamwork: Stealth and teamwork are crucial elements for survival. Coordinate with your squad to outsmart enemies and avoid detection to gain the upper hand, or tactically plan battles and ambushes to win guerilla engagements. Just don’t take the enemy head-on. You won’t live to tell the tale. 
  • Death is Just the Beginning (Again): If your squad dies, the run’s over. And death is unforgiving. If you fall in battle, you’ll lose everything in your inventory and have to start over from scratch. Build up a stash back at base to keep the upper hand in the future. 

The Forever Winter will initially be released on PC with potential platform expansion based on the game’s success and community feedback. For more updates on The Forever Winter and to view the trailer, visit Wishlist The Forever Winter on Steam today and join the Discord to get all the latest updates. Follow the studio on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Can’t get enough of Forever Winter? Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.


About Fun Dog Studios

Fun Dog is a minority-owned new game development studio established by a group of experienced AAA game developers with backgrounds as senior leaders on some of the best games published over the last 10 years. Committed to defying convention, challenging players, and taking big risks, their goal is to build worlds that captivate, terrify, and inspire with stories that contemplate the turbulence of the current times.

The company’s debut title, The Forever Winter, drops players in a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world dominated by gigantic war machines battling over Earth’s dwindling resources. This tactical shooter weaves together survival, horror, scavenging, and edge-of-your-seat combat, emphasizing strategic decision-making, challenge, and cooperation.

For more updates on The Forever Winter, visit Wishlist The Forever Winter on Steam today and join the Discord to get all the latest updates. Follow the studio on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn