Rumble Club, the Physics-based PvP Brawler, Debuts on PC and Mobile Today

Step into the Arena for cross-platform mayhem with up to 20 friends and foes, in Mad Mushroom’s first published title

AUSTIN, Texas – April 23, 2024: Mad Mushroom, the influencer-owned video game publisher under the OTK Network, and Lightfox Games released the physics-based party brawler, Rumble Club, today. Battle solo or squad up in ragdoll chaos across constantly shuffling game modes of up to 20 players, across multiple devices with seamless cross-platform play. Rumble Club is now available for free on Steam, Epic Game Store, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

Check out the slapstick brawling fun with the Rumble Club launch trailer:

In Rumble Club, players are thrown into an Arena of chaos, where every battle features quirky mechanics and intricate physics that take center stage. Unleash an array of goofy gadgets, unlock funky skins, and dive into multiple game modes across vibrant maps. With the convenience of cross-platform play and cross-save between PC and mobile, players can seamlessly progress, team up, or duke it out with friends and foes across devices.

Key Features of Rumble Club include: 

  • Physics-Based Combat – Who needs health bars? In Rumble Club, it’s all physics. Pick up goofy gadgets (or just use your fists) and attempt to push, pull, punch, throw, or trick your opponents out of the Arena and into the Goop!
  • Multiple Modes to Explore – Master a variety of game modes on diverse maps like Punch Royale, King of the Hill, Sugar Rush, Deathmatch, and Crab Crush and play either solo or squad up with your friends in matches of up to 20 players. Event modes will be rotated daily, with new modes added each season, bringing even wackier twists to the game!
  • Play Anywhere – Cross-play, cross-save, cross-everything. Whether you’re on PC or mobile, you can make progress, play, and punch your friends!
  • Endless Customization – Customization is a key aspect of the game’s cute, slapstick-brawling aesthetic. Players can pick their avatar’s skin, choose from a variety of accessories, apply paints for unique designs, and equip hilarious emotes. Styling up your avatar to be showcased in the Arena or the victory podium is part of the fun.
  • Creator & Community Tools – If you are a streamer or content creator, the Rumble Club Creator Hub has a whole  slew of tools to help make cool content and get your community involved. Use the Streamer Queue to easily cycle your viewers in and out of matches, make great clips with the Drone Cam, host your own tournaments and events, and use the green screen to show off your Punchie!

“Today is a huge day at Mad Mushroom, and we couldn’t be more excited that the first title we’re bringing to market is a game like Rumble Club,” said Mike “Sibs” Silbowitz, CEO of Mad Mushroom. “Games like this have the unique ability to bring people together … while punching, stunning, and throwing each other around! We thank Lightfox Games for making a great game and having faith in us to help bring their creation to players around the world.”

“Making Rumble Club has been a labor of love, and we hope players feel that when they start chucking their friends into the Goop!” said Ryan Murphy, CEO of Lightfox Games. “Today is just the start of Rumble Club’s life. We’re looking forward to seeing the chaos players get up to, and bringing them more modes, maps, gadgets, and cosmetics in future Seasons as well.”

Rumble Club’s out-of-this-world Launch Season kicks off today and is full of space-themed skins, accessories, and emotes for players to explore the final frontier. Seasonal Gadgets can also be leveled up to unlock season-exclusive cosmetics that players can use to fit the spacey vibes of the new maps and modes that are taking place on the Moon. Future seasons of Rumble Club will regularly introduce new game modes, cosmetics, gadgets, maps and more.

Rumble Club is a free-to-play title that includes in-game microtransactions. Currency can be earned through gameplay as well as purchased in game and used to unlock new cosmetics, including Skins, Accessories, Colors, and more. A Super Rumble Pass that unlocks cosmetics and gadget upgrades is also available.

Three Rumble Club Founder’s Packs are available for purchase on Steam and the Epic Game Store, granting users access to the base game, Super Rumble Pass, in-game currency, and exclusive cosmetics: 

  • Bronze Founder’s Pack ($9.99):
    • Base Rumble Club Game
    • Super Rumble Pass
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Skin: Founding Punchie
  • Silver Founder’s Pack ($:19.99)
    • Base Rumble Club Game
    • 100 Gems
    • Super+ Rumble Pass, which includes the exclusive Float On Emote
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Skin: Founding Punchie
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Accessory: Founder’s Flow
  • Gold Founder’s Pack ($29.99):
    • Base Rumble Club Game
    • 400 Gems
    • Super+ Rumble Pass, which includes the exclusive Float On Emote
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Skin: Founding Punchie
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Accessory: Founder’s Flow
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Accessory: Quarter Founder
    • Founder’s Pack Exclusive Accessory: Founder Fries

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