Mad Mushroom Surprise Drops Splodey, Reveals Claws & Chaos and More at OTK Games Expo

Splodey, an explosive 2D platformer without a jump button, is available now!

Streamer-founded publisher also unveils autobattler Claws & Chaos, Season 2 of Rumble Club, and Atomic Picnic’s launch time frame

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 4, 2024 – Mad Mushroom, the influencer-owned video game publisher within the OTK Network, surprised everyone at the OTK Expo today with multiple major news announcements, including the immediate launch of the new 2D platformer, Splodey. Additionally, it revealed the autobattler Claws & Chaos, details for Season 2 of the party brawler Rumble Club, and the launch timeframe for the roguelike Atomic Picnic.

“After just one year we are back at the OTK Game Expo with a full slate of four great games to present. This is an incredible achievement for Mad Mushroom,” said Mike “Sibs” Silbowitz, the CEO of Mad Mushroom. “These titles embody what we’re all about: community-driven games in a variety of genres from devs of all sizes. Still, this is just the beginning for Mad Mushroom. We hope players around the world enjoy these four games and look forward to sharing more on what we’re working on for next year.”

A recap of the Mad Mushroom news, including its two brand-new titles, shared during the OTK Games Expo:

Splodey Reveal and Surprise Launch

Exploding onto the scene today as a surprise drop from Mad Mushroom and the developers at Send It Studios, Splodey is the “platformer without a jump button.” This 2D platformer tosses aside traditional jump mechanics for twin-stick controls that players use to toss exploding potions to clear obstacles and propel them through the air. With more than 100 meticulously crafted levels designed around explosive propulsion and momentum, Splodey will challenge even the most skilled platform player.

Splodey is now available on Steam for $9.75, discounted 25% from $12.99 for launch week.  Check out the Splodey trailer here.

“The team behind Splodey is a group of three friends, speedrunners, and Twitch streamers who honestly can’t believe that we’ve just launched a game,” said Liam Collins, Lead Designer at Send It Studios. “We very literally could not have done this without the help and support of the Mad Mushroom team and the creators at OTK, whose feedback has been instrumental in shaping Splodey. We hope platforming fans will love Splodey for its explosive movement, challenging levels, and loads of secrets.”

Key features of Splodey:

  • Jump No More – In Splodey, you can’t jump; yet players are far from grounded. Momentum-based movements add depth to platforming gameplay and mastering the explosion-propulsion system rewards creativity and skill.
  • Maximum Challenge, Minimum Frustration – Instantly retry with infinite lives. Splodey will reward skilled players for creatively exploding their way through levels without frustrating players who seek accessibility for all skill levels.
  • Infinite Replayability in Varied Levels – Splodey’s platforming forms a tight and addicting gameplay loop, offering up instantly gratifying levels that are unique puzzles waiting to be solved.
  • Secrets Await Uncovering – Beyond Splodey’s 100 levels spread across its 4 main worlds is a bonus world featuring 25 extra levels. Additionally, 16 secret levels that can only be discovered through thorough exploration await players.

To commemorate the launch of Splodey, Mad Mushroom is hosting an influencer speedrun challenge. From June 4-18, 2024, creators who stream or upload video of Splodey with the #SplodeyChallenge tag can compete to win $10,000 in an all-or-nothing speedrun challenge. More details on the challenge can be found here

Splodey assets are available in the press kit here.

Claws and Chaos Reveal and Demo

Mad Mushroom revealed Claws & Chaos, a strategic autobattler by Parhelion Studio that showcases hand-drawn, charming animals fighting for their lives in a chaotic kingdom on the brink of collapse. In this auto-chess style battler, survival depends on tactical prowess, careful strategy, and the cute-but-deadly hands of these creatures!

A demo of Claws & Chaos is available now. Players can join the community at to gain access today. The demo will open to all as part of Steam Next Fest, from June 10 – 17.

Check out the debut trailer for Claws & Chaos here.

“It’s an exciting day at Parhelion and the team is thrilled to lift the veil on the first game we’ll bring to PC, Claws & Chaos,” said David Cai, co-founder of Parhelion Studio. “With this title we set out to create an accessible autobattler with truly strategic gameplay. We hope players will find our take on autochess engaging and our narrative of charming creatures in dire circumstances compelling.”

Claws & Chaos
offers mechanics that are easy-to-learn and complex layers of strategy to mastery. Players command squads of animal heroes with distinct abilities, engaging in both PvE and PvP battles filled with dangerous encounters and tactical possibilities. Claws & Chaos will launch on Steam, the iOS App Store, and the Google Play Store later this year.

Key features: 

  • Expansive Campaign in a Vibrant, Hand-Drawn World – Embrace the high stakes of the Claws & Chaos world and take control of adorable creatures as they navigate a hand-drawn impending apocalypse.
  • Asynchronous PvP – Leisurely PvP matches can be completed at players’ own pace; or, climb the leaderboard and prove your prowess against other players globally.
  • Customization and Progression – Extensive customization options for units can be collected from victories, allowing players to express their personalities with skins and accessories.
  • Streamer Integration with Rapture Mode – Rapture Mode brings your Twitch audience into your games as allies or adversaries with built-in integration, bridging the gap between viewer and streamer.
  • Cross-Platform Play – Jump into the apocalypse with seamless cross-platform play between Steam, iOS, and Android devices.

For more information about Claws & Chaos, visit the game on Steam. Assets can be found in the press kit here

Rumble Club Season 2 Brings a Fantasy Theme on June 24

Launched worldwide in April, Rumble Club throws players into a physics-based slapstick party brawl on Steam, Epic Game Store, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store. Jordan Arnold, COO of Lightfox Games, took the stage to discuss some of the changes that have come to Rumble Club since launch, including the new Gadget Game mode, new ways to get Epic and Legendary cosmetics, and more ways to earn Quest progress by playing with friends.

The team also announced that Rumble Club Season 2 content will launch on June 24, bringing a slew of fantasy-themed cosmetics and maps to the game. A new game mode will also debut: Rumble Run will see players compete over multiple game modes and maps before declaring a champion and winning awesome rewards. Finally, improvements to the Super Rumble Pass are coming, with three times the amount of cosmetics available to earn.

Rumble Club Season 2 assets are available in the press kit here.

Atomic Picnic Launch Timeframe Reveal and Playtest

Atomic Picnic, the cooperative third-person shooter roguelike inspired by bullet-heaven and survivor-like games, will launch into Steam Early Access in September 2024! Additionally, a playtest for Atomic Picnic is now live – join the community at to start running your own Picnics.

In this third playtest to date, the developers at BitCake Studio have introduced several new features: 

  • Character-specific skills & stats, including 1 passive and 1 active skill for each character in the game. 
  • A new miniboss, codenamed Jonathan.
  • A new weapon, the Pistol.
  • Plus new upgrades, animations, bug fixes, and balancing.

In Atomic Picnic, four “Loners” embark on unique, never-the-same “Picnics” to run, gun, battle monsters, and collect loot in a vibrant yet ruined world. Massive bosses await Loners, so pushing limits through unlocked weapons and abilities – while crafting the perfect combination of upgrades – is essential to come out on top.

Check out the latest Atomic Picnic trailer here. Assets are available in the press kit here.

For more information about Atomic Picnic, visit the game on Steam and connect with the studio on Discord
Mad Mushroom assets, and assets from all four titles in the publisher’s slate, can be found in the press kit here.


About Mad Mushroom:

Mad Mushroom is a dynamic and forward-thinking video game publishing company, uniquely positioned as the next-generation influencer-owned entity within the vast umbrella of OTK Network. With a team of seasoned industry experts, Mad Mushroom is committed to fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures creativity, encourages innovation, and propels promising indie games to new heights. Mad Mushroom is here to empower indie developers, engage gamers, and shape the future of interactive entertainment. 

To learn more about Mad Mushroom visit and connect with the company on social media:

About Send It Studios:

Send It Studios is composed of three friends, Twitch streamers, and speedrunners: Lead Designer Liam Collins, Lead Programmer Daniel Rodermel, and Composer Piotr Bugaj. The team’s first title, Splodey, exemplifies the types of games Send It Loves: challenging platformers that require speed and skill to succeed. 

About Parhelion Studio:

Parhelion Studio is a game development studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan creating cross-platform gaming experiences featuring deep and immersive worlds, extensive lore, and beautiful artwork. The team’s goal is to create long-lasting IPs through lovable and relatable characters set in imaginative universes. 

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About Lightfox Games:

Lightfox Games is a Seattle-based studio that brings players together through accessible multiplayer gaming experiences. Made up of a small and passionate team of industry veterans,  Lightfox combines creative game design with technology to give players amazing experiences that can be played anywhere and on almost any device. For more information, visit

About BitCake Studios:

BitCake Studios is a game development studio from Brazil, creating games that bring people together since 2013. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, BitCake is a completely remote studio with coworkers from different cities around the country and the world. BitCake is always looking for amazing new opportunities in game development, be it new independent projects, co-productions, or outsourcing work. More information can be found at

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