EVE Vanguard Unveils Solstice Event Results and Roadmap for ‘Solstice Era’

CCP Games releases key statistics from the EVE Vanguard: Solstice live event, introduces the H2 2024 ‘Solstice Era’ Roadmap, and shares a vision for the future of EVE Vanguard.

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – July 8, 2024 – CCP Games is excited to share the following updates for EVE Vanguard as it transitions from the ‘First Strike’ era of H1 2024 to the ‘Solstice’ era of H2 2024:

  1. “Future Vision” Video: The latest entry in the ‘In Focus’ video series, detailing the development team’s vision for EVE Vanguard in the ‘Solstice’ era and beyond, including plans to deepen the gameplay loop with more content that strengthens the connection between EVE Online and EVE Vanguard.
  2. H2 2024 ‘Solstice Era’ Roadmap: An outline of major updates and events planned for EVE Vanguard from July through December 2024, including regular dev diaries & AMAs, a transition to a more focused testing and development approach with private playtests through the Founders’ Program, and a major feature update to the game in November.
  3. ‘Solstice’ Event Infographic: A visual representation of key statistics and player achievements from the recent ‘Solstice’ live event, marking the end of the ‘First Strike’ era.
  4. EVE Directors’ Letter: An open letter from EVE’s Game Director to the community, discussing the path ahead for EVE Online and the evolving EVE Vanguard experience throughout the ‘Solstice’ era.

The ‘Solstice’ era roadmap showcases how EVE Vanguard’s evolution will continue, including expanded gameplay elements, enhanced player agency, and deeper integration with the EVE Online universe. Private Founders’ Playtests, part of the game’s gated pre-alpha development phase, will be conducted through to the end of the year.

A major update is planned for November 2024, which will introduce new features such as stronger economic links to EVE Online, a strategic deployment map featuring diverse planetary environments, engagement with multiple factions, weapon chipset crafting, and more emergent activities.

Following this update, plans are in place to launch EVE Vanguard into Steam Early Access, with the exact timing to be announced at a later date. In the interim, interested players can add EVE Vanguard to their wishlist on Steam.

These additions and future plans aim to create a more immersive and interconnected experience between EVE Vanguard and the broader EVE Universe, furthering the game’s evolution and accessibility.

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