High-Level Players Team Up in Powerful Guilds for All-Out Warfare. Adventurers, What is Your Profession?!

Manhattan Beach, CA — July 10, 2024 Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced Black Desert Online‘s first new large-scale 300v300 PvP battle, War of the Roses, will launch today, with the first global competition scheduled for Sunday, July 14. The massive-scale conflict introduces combat rules and tactics for high-end players and guilds, including special roles for player leaders, strategic control points, and a tactical map, alongside its unprecedented 600-player scale.

Adventurers can test their might by overtaking enemy factions by both land and sea and harnessing new weapons to defeat powerful Sanctum Guardians. The new season brings a host of changes based on feedback from the pre-season, such as new captain skills, revamped rewards, and strategic components that allow more prominent comebacks.

  • Download the War of the Roses key art, fact sheet and other assets here

300v300 PvP Featuring Innovative Combat Rules and Tactics

To win the War of the Roses, Adventurers must team up to storm the opponent’s castle, defeat the opposing commander, and claim victory. The first faction to achieve this feat will be adorned with the prestigious Rose crown, symbolizing their mastery on the battlefield.

Infantry can seamlessly navigate the battlefield, attack the enemy guild in hand-to-hand combat, and dominate the field of war by controlling sanctums. Lieutenants and commanders can access specialized controls and communication tools with a real-time, top-down map to maneuver allies and orchestrate strategies and counter offensives.

The path to victory is teeming with all-new features, ranging from piloting terrifyingly strong siege vessels to fresh faction skills, and beyond. Only one faction will emerge victorious, etching their name in Black Desert history as the triumphant victors of the War of the Roses.

All participants of the War of the Roses can earn eye-opening quantities of in-game monetary rewards for their active engagement in the battle. The winning leading guild and third legion, and even the losing guild, will all earn significant rewards for taking part in the battlefield.

The Art of War

In this massive conflict, Adventurers must work together using new strategic features to gain an edge over their opponents. Features include:

  • Join a Guild or Become a War Hero: Players can join the war if their guild qualifies by achieving battlefield glory in Node and Conquest War or individually become a mercenary-for-hire. Any player with a combined AP and DP score (total gear score) of at least 700 can apply to fight in the War of the Roses.
  • Captains and Lieutenants: Guild leaders can grant authority to one Captain and three supporting Lieutenants. These leaders command platoons and assign them objectives and missions, providing rewards upon completion.
  • Tactical Map: Captains and lieutenants have access to a top-down map to track allies, share their field of vision, and execute tactical attacks.
  • Conquer the Sanctums and Establish Field Command: Strategically conquer up to 20 sanctums across the sprawling battlefield to gain the ability to respawn and passively attack from it, earn buffs, and generate weapons of war. 
  • Faction Skill: Captains have exclusive powers like teleporting a platoon to a chosen sanctum or deploying monsters to a specific location, wreaking havoc on surrounding enemies quickly and efficiently. 
  • Unlock the Siege Weapon: By discovering and activating the “Spirit’s Altar”, the controlling faction gains access to Ancient Chariots, Ancient Trolls, and elephants.

Learn more about War of the Roses and its robust feature set in this fact sheet.

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