DoubleDutch Launches Pride App for Mobile Team Collaboration

Free App for Business Professionals Encourages Transparency, Reduces E-mail, and Helps Showcase Achievements


ENTERPRISE 2.0 CONFERENCE – June 19, 2012 DoubleDutch, the leading provider of mobile engagement applications for events, sales teams, and other enterprise workgroups, today announced the availability of Pride, its latest workgroup collaboration app. Pride simplifies the way teams share information and celebrate success in the workplace. Pride is now available for free on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

“The speed and complexity of business is constantly increasing, particularly among startups and highly-matrixed teams,” said Lawrence Coburn, founder and CEO, DoubleDutch. “We designed Pride to be a faster, more collaborative, mobile communications tool that fits the needs of the modern workplace more adequately than e-mail.”

Designed specifically for fast-moving startups and cross-functional enterprise workgroups, Pride is an easy-to-use tool that enables teammates to share what they are working on, collaborate in real time, and recognize each other’s contributions. Pride focuses on capturing contextual information – such as customer, project and location – to create a structured feed of work-related activity. Lightweight game mechanics – points, badges, and leaderboards – have also been incorporated to drive adoption and engagement in the app.

Pride is already in use by dozens of startup companies who participated in the private beta. Early adopters include Revolights, a Kickstarter-funded company that designs and builds revolutionary bicycle lights. The Revolights team uses Pride to improve communication across its geographically distributed team.

“As a small team on the go, we juggle a lot of different activities every day. The Pride app allows us to better collaborate by making basic, internal communication easy,” said Adam Pettler, Revolights’ Co-Founder and CFO.

Through the private beta, participating companies have already seen promising statistics. Internal use of email has dropped by 34% on average and friendly competition has broken out over weekly productivity leaderboards, increasing employee engagement significantly. Pride allows employees to share achievements and work activities as they happen, thereby creating a transparent culture of productivity.

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Pride – Hive – Flock

Founded in 2011, DoubleDutch offers two other mobile collaboration apps – Hive and Flock – and has already amassed more than 100,000 users at top companies, including HP, Cisco, Adobe, Lowe’s, and Roche on its mission to be the first mobile enterprise system of record.

In April 2012, DoubleDutch closed its $2 million Series A-1 round from Bullpen Capital, the FLOODGATE Fund, Aaron Patzer (founder of, and Jawed Karim (co-founder YouTube). Earlier, the company raised $1.2 million from top investors in its seed round, including Lightbank, Charles River Ventures, Launch Capital, Venture 51, Accelerator Ventures and more.

About DoubleDutch
DoubleDutch is the leading provider of mobile engagement applications for events, sales teams, and other enterprise workgroups. Used by some of the world’s most innovative organizations, these cloud-based, geosocial apps help companies tap into mobile, social functionality to boost productivity, create radical transparency, and maximize engagement. DoubleDutch’s product offering includes Hive, a mobile CRM app, Flock, a white-label mobile app for events and conferences, and Pride, a mobile collaboration app for business teams.

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