Raved Launches Friend-Powered Recommendation App to Help iPhone & iPod touch Users Explore the World Around Them


SUNNYVALE, Calif – June 19, 2012 – Raved announced today that its app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. Raved is a convenient way for consumers to discover, save and share great places to eat, drink, shop and get things done – all based on trusted recommendations from friends.

Raved combines a mobile-first approach with a unique friend-powered recommendation engine and aspects of Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Pinterest to let users:

  • Discover great places friends recommend
  • Save favorite places to get useful info and deals on the go
  • Share places they love so their friends can love them, too

“Raved is all about memorable places,” said Henry Vogel, CEO of Raved. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a recommendation from a friend is worth a million anonymous reviews. Unfortunately, accessing these powerful references remains inconvenient and fragmented across handwritten notes, texts, emails, or calls. Often, they’re simply forgotten in passing conversations.   Raved leverages the capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch as well as users’ existing social networks to make it easy and fun to share personal recommendations and help friends act upon them wherever they are.”

Raved provides an intuitive and highly visual interface built atop aggregated data from various social graphs, content sources and a database of almost 20 million U.S. merchants. Users don’t need to find or follow anyone to get started; Raved can automatically integrate ‘friends’ and their ‘likes,’ ‘check-ins,’ and more from users’ social networks like Facebook and Foursquare. Users can also easily ask their ‘go-to’ friends for help getting more Raves and Tips about places they might be interested in trying out. Plus, they can discover new favorites by browsing Raved ‘PlaceLists’ filled with recommendations from featured users, publishers and review sites. As users ‘Rave’ places, the app makes it easy for them to create and publish their own ‘PlaceLists’ of great places they want to explore, remember or share with friends.

Users can choose to save places just for themselves, like bookmarking a restaurant to try in the future, or they can share a recommendation publicly by simply ‘Raving’ it. They can also write optional ‘Tips,’ post pictures and share more information and personal recommendations. Saving and ‘Raving’ places is as simple as tapping a button; there’s no need to write long reviews, determine star ratings or enter any other information.

Raved also pulls in rich content about places like photos, addresses, store hours, posts to Facebook, special deals and offers, and links to other useful information and services. Since memorable places are out in the world, Raved helps make sure users have all the important information about those great locations at their fingertips on their iPhone or iPod touch wherever and whenever they need it.

The Raved App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

For more information, visit us at www.raved.com or http://facebook.com/raved.

About Raved
Raved is a mobile communications and advertising company that enhances mobile phone connections with multimedia content, personalization, interactivity and sharing. Raved is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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