Run for Gold! One Epic Knight Launch Date Announced, Sprints for Free onto iOS Devices August 23

New Infinite Runner from the Creators of geoDefense and Tiny Heroes

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – August 14, 2012 – Simutronics today announced One Epic Knight, a new game from the creators of the immensely popular and award-winning Tiny Heroes. A fresh addition to the free running genre, One Epic Knight will launch for free on iOS devices everywhere August 23. With simple controls, numerous upgrades, and addicting gameplay, One Epic Knight will take fans of free-runners to a level of epicness they never thought possible.

In One Epic Knight, players will take control of an Epic Knight whose only quest in life is to acquire as much loot as possible. Gamers will control Epic Knight as he charges his way through an ever changing dungeon maze, maneuvering him to avoid spike traps, lava pits, and other hazards while searching for secret passages and treasure rooms. To aid in his journey, Epic Knight can pick up swords to slice enemies, shields to break walls and spikes, crystals for speed boosts, and a leg of meat to clobber anything and everything in his path. With collected treasure, gamers can upgrades Epic Knight’s armor and weapons, in addition purchasing new outfits and power-up potions. There is no stopping this Epic Knight in his quest for epic loot.

Simutronics has released a short preview trailer for the game. Lace up your epic running boots and check it out here:

One Epic Knight features:

  • Endless Gameplay – Dungeons become increasingly crazier the longer Epic Knight runs
  • Simple Controls – Swipe gestures allow for easy pick-up and play gaming
  • Upgradeable Gear –Purchase power-ups, potions, and outfits to increase Epic Knight’s epicness
  • Loveable Ends – Experience light-hearted ragdoll physics when Epic Knight crashes
  • Destroyable Dungeon – Run in ever-changing, destructible environments
  • Smash and Loot – Slice through enemies protecting loot and find secret treasure rooms
  • Epic Graphics – Retina resolution support for amazing visuals
  • Game Center Integration and Achievements – Compete with friends and find out who is the epic-est of them all



Check out the preview trailer for One Epic Knight at the following link:

Download the press kit here:


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