Grabbity Pulls Down 100,000 Downloads

Gravity-bending Platformer Reaches #1 Free Game on Mexico App Store

MEXICO CITY – September 28, 2012 – Televisa Home Entertainment and Efecto Studios are proud to announce that Grabbity, the free platformer with gravity-warping gameplay, is now weighing in at over 100,000 downloads for iOS devices worldwide. What’s more, Grabbity has achieved the hefty milestone of reaching the #1 spot on the Free Games chart on the App Store in Televisa’s respective home country of Mexico. Televisa and Efecto both flipped when they heard the news – but thankfully, the game’s lovable Grabbians were able to flip them back over again.

“The success we’re seeing for Grabbity is fantastic,” said Fernando Rondon, Televisa’s Director of Home Entertainment and Consumer Products. “We go into our development process with the intention of making a game that we would all personally enjoy, but it’s such a great feeling when you discover just how much everyone else likes it, too. We’re going to thank our audience by making sure Grabbity sees plenty of support and updates for a long time to come. We’re giving away a big update on October 6 to celebrate Grabbity’s first month, so expect even more fun to come!”

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Having already launched several titles in response to the emerging mobile gaming universe, Efecto Studios is starting to create awesome content for this market.
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