BattleTech Goes Mobile: MechWarrior: Tactical Command Out Now for iPad Devices

SINGAPORE – September 27, 2012 –Personae Studio today announced the release of MechWarrior: Tactical Command for iPad, bringing the beloved franchise to mobile for the first time. MechWarrior: Tactical Command combines innovative multi-touch game controls along with an immersive single player story campaign written byseries’ canon authors, Loren L. Coleman and Randall N. Bills for a AAA-quality RTS. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for $9.99.

The game is supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), which promotes the development of Singapore-made media content. “MechWarrior: Tactical Command is a gripping Triple-A strategy game from Singapore, and MDA is proud to have supported its production under the MDA Grant Schemes,” said Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of Interactive Media, Games and Publishing. “Our game developers have refreshed an established intellectual property and modernized it into an engaging and exciting strategy game with great storylines for the iOS platform. It is yet another quality Singapore-made game. “

Players take control of a Mech squad and battle their way through 21 missions across three planets laden with political intrigue and corruption. MechWarrior: Tactical Command delivers the finest RTS experience with unique multi-touch gestures to command a lance of mechs through a path of destruction.

MechWarrior: Tactical Commandis available for download today on the iTunes store for $9.99:

MechWarrior: Tactical Command features:

  • Real Time Tactics on the go: MechWarrior: Tactical Command brings a true RTS experience to mobile with Personae’s unique controls for iOS devices. Players can initiate precise, advanced commands with quick responses to get the most immersive BattleTech experience ever.
  • Authentic BattleTech Mechanics: MechWarrior: Tactical Command stays very close to the original boardgame. Heat acts as stamina and Mech’s limbs have individual sources of health-watch Mechs cripple other robots as they destroy their limbs and bodyparts!
  • Massive Damage: Players will fight through waves of Elementals, Tanks, and other heavy armored mechs with a squad of four warriors in 21 levels set across three planets, including Twycross, where a number of the events from the series occur.
  • Massive Mechs: With 30 mechs taken from the series lore, there is a variety of Battle Mechs with different classes to deploy onto the battlefield. Charge in with a Mad Cat, annihilate the opposition with the Atlas, or wreak havoc with the Hatamoto-Chi.
  • Massive Customization: Players earn C-bills and tech resources from missions to upgrade their lance of mechs. Increase a mech’s arsenal, tune their BattleMech’s accuracy, or enhance their weapon systems-MechWarrior: Tactical Command lets players build their mechs and squad members whichever way they desire.

Download MechWarrior: Tactical Command for $9.99 on the iTunes store:


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