Karaoke with Friends! Hum a Song is the Multiplayer Music Trivia Game that Puts YOU on the Mic

Hilarious free app from Hibernum tests your musical knowledge AND humming skills

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – October 4, 2012 – Hibernum Creations, a developer of unique gaming experiences, today announced the launch of Hum a Song, the world’s first mobile multiplayer game that asks just how far you can carry a tune! Select a song from thousands of new and classic hits, then put your musical abilities to work by humming your own rendition for your friends. They’ll have to guess the song based on nothing but your voice and a few hints, and then it’s their turn to record a new hit single. Available for FREE as a universal App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Hum a Song is powered by iTunes to ensure that you are always singing (well, humming) along to the real thing. Whether you’re a lead singer, a shower-soloist, or just someone who loves to compete, Hum a Song is sure to provide you and your friends with hours of musical fun! Play it today, a free download on iTunes.

Hum a Song takes name-that-tune gameplay and puts it in an asynchronous back-and-forth style that’s perfect for mobile gaming. On your turn, you: select genre & song, listen to a clip (if you need a refresher), hum or whistle into the iPhone, send it to your friend, and they’ll attempt to guess the song. If they are right you both score in-game currency! Then they record a new tune and send it right back. It’s all done with push notifications, and tracks are pulled from iTunes for an ever-growing, always up-to-date song list. You can even buy new favorites directly from the App, adding a discovery element into the mix. Hum a Song lets you bring all the fun (and silly embarrassment) of karaoke everywhere you go, right in your pocket.

Hum a Song features:

  • No Talent Required – Flaunt your vocal skills by humming or whistling along to your favorite artists and seeing if your friends can guess the tune, then name the song to rake in the coins!
  • Build your Fanbase – Connect with friends on Facebook to battle one-on-one in Duet Mode, start a 4-player game in Ensemble Mode, or stay out of the limelight with a Random game.
  • Battle All the Bands – Choose from thousands of songs in 16 categories, from today’s hits to classic rock, country, alternative and hip-hop. Don’t see your favorite song? Don’t worry! More track packs are on the way.
  • Name That Tune… and Cash In! – The longer you keep a round going with your friends, the more you get. Choose between multiple hints to stay in the running, and then cash in your coins to shuffle songs, get extra hint powerups, and more.
  • Never Miss a Beat – Notifications let you know when it’s your turn to guess or record a new tune.
  • Powered by iTunes – Every song is streamed directly from iTunes’ extensive library, meaning you’re always humming along to the real deal!

Hum a Song is a universal iOS app, free with in-app purchases. Download the game on iTunes.


Download the press kit & fact sheet.

Learn more at Hum-a-Song.com.

Invite friends to hum along on the Hum a Song Facebook page and follow the music on Twitter.

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