DoubleDutch Secures $4M to Deconstruct CRM for Mobile

Mobile Engagement Leader Also Adds Mike Maples Jr. of FLOODGATE Fund to its Board of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 12, 2012 – DoubleDutch, the leading provider of mobile-first CRM applications for events, sales teams, and other enterprise workgroups, today announced it has secured $4 million in Series B funding led by FLOODGATE Fund and including Bullpen Capital and Lightbank. In addition, Mike Maples Jr., managing partner at FLOODGATE Fund, will join DoubleDutch’s Board of Directors. The company intends to use this funding to expand internationally and to continue deconstructing CRM software into a suite of mobile-first enterprise products.

“More than any organization I’ve met, the team at DoubleDutch fully grasps and is successfully leveraging the fundamental metamorphosis currently underway in the enterprise software market,” said Maples Jr. “They are applying consumer-like, mobile-friendly software design to solve real problems in enterprise sales and marketing.  This isn’t social for the sake of social.  These are highly engaging products that can help companies to model winning sales behavior, with massive potential bottom line impact.”

DoubleDutch’s first step on this path is nothing less than the re-invention of CRM to engage salespeople and deliver better, more accurate intelligence for businesses. Instead of complex, expensive software that sits behind a corporate firewall, DoubleDutch’s approach consists of a suite of connected mobile applications for managing customer relationships at each stage of the engagement lifecycle. These integrated applications span lead surfacing and engagement at events and conferences, opportunity management, and ongoing customer relationship management. Together, this suite can extend or replace traditional CRM systems by solving CRM’s biggest problem – getting end users to actually adopt and use CRM correctly. The result is more accurate business intelligence to close more deals, more efficiently.

“Most CRM software was designed for sales management, not end users. So getting employees to actually use and enjoy it is the biggest challenge. What’s more, these systems’ monolithic architecture makes it very difficult for them to be adopted for mobile,” said Lawrence Coburn, founder and CEO, DoubleDutch. “At DoubleDutch, we are creating applications that are beautiful and easy-to-use on the mobile devices that today’s employees use most. Our software sees very high adoption and engagement rates, resulting in deeper insights and better results for the business.”

Founded in 2011, DoubleDutch is leading the way in the development of next-generation software that drives real-time engagement with users to provide greater insight and intelligence for businesses. DoubleDutch creates solutions that people want to use based around three core design principles; software should be mobile, social and intuitive. The company’s growing portfolio of solutions – currently made up of Hive,Pride and Flock – have already amassed more than 238,000 users at top companies, including Cisco, Roche, Lowe’s, Nationwide, Wells Fargo, Masco and NetApp.

About DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch is the leading provider of mobile engagement applications for events, sales teams, and other enterprise workgroups. Used by some of the world’s most innovative organizations, these cloud-based, geosocial apps help companies tap into mobile, social functionality to boost productivity, create radical transparency, and maximize engagement. DoubleDutch’s product offering includes Hive, a mobile CRM app, Flock, a white-label mobile app for events and conferences, and Pride, a mobile collaboration app for business teams.
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