Hit Mobile Game Fishing Joy 2 Reels In $1.6 Million Monthly from Chinese Android Market

CocoaChina’s Game Portfolio Demonstrates Sustained Success, Proves China’s Android Game Market is Lucrative

BEIJING – Nov. 28, 2012 – Leading international mobile game company CocoaChina today announced that Fishing Joy 2 is generating over $1.6 million in revenue per month from Chinese Android markets alone. Fishing Joy 2 is the sequel to the company’s flagship game, Fishing Joy, which has been downloaded over 120 million times by players worldwide. Created by Punchbox Studios, CocoaChina’s development and publishing arm, the Fishing Joy franchise has become a profitable global hit as the Chinese mobile gaming landscape witnesses the rise of Android.

“We achieved great success by broadly distributing this game through more than 200 third-party Android marketplaces, including carrier stores, across China,” said Lei Zhang, GM USA of CocoaChina/Chukong. “In addition, we aggressively and diligently monitor key piracy channels to eliminate IP theft and reduce revenue loss.”

Fishing Joy 2 is now turning heads in the mobile gaming industry with a free-to-paid conversion rate of 30% in China. The title is quickly climbing the charts like its predecessor and has secured five million downloads since its launch in June 2012. Fishing Joy 2 also boasts an ARPDAU of over $0.40 and has found strong commercial success in the Chinese Android market, demonstrating the market is both large and profitable.

Fishing Joy’s $0.40 ARPDAU is an insanely high number for a casual game title on any platform. Even more impressive, is the fact that this was generated across the Android platform in China, where only six months ago the mobile games industry believed that monetization was almost impossible,” Zhang explained. “The secret ingredient for monetizing the Chinese Android user base at this level and scale is to combine carrier billing with complete coverage of all Android markets.”

CocoaChina pioneered monetization for Android games in China. The company secured the Master CP (Content Provider) status from Chinese mobile carriers and is currently the only publisher that can leverage the carrier billing mechanism in their games published across all third-party Android Markets. Fishing Joy 2‘s high ARPDAU and conversion rate combined with its growing casual user base drove the China Mobile Gaming Platform to rank the title as its #1 top grossing title. Additionally, Fishing Joy 2 accounts for more than 4.5% of the platform’s overall revenue according to China Mobile Gaming Platform’s official monthly report in September 2012.

Leveraging its expertise in Android distribution and monetization, CocoaChina’s publishing services also help international developers to overcome pain points often encountered when entering the Chinese market, including fragmentation, payment systems, piracy and fraud. The team has demonstrated that a sizable Android market does exist in China if you are able to reduce risk across all these factors and can help third-party developers enter the complex Chinese market. CocoaChina has announced partnerships with innovators, including NEXON, to bring their quality titles to China.


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